iPhone 5s. iTunes iBooks and music apps

  Parrotperson 19:29 17 Aug 2015

When I downloaded 8.4 on iPhone 5s some of my audiobooks didn't migrate to iBooks. No one at Apple could help so I was allowed to download them again. Well. Today I downloaded 3 audiobooks from iTunes and only 2 made it to iBooks. The other has gone to music app!

Phoned apple support who more or less shrugged and said that can't happen (it has-twice) Anybody got any ideas? I'd really like them all in iBooks (until of course Apple decides to move them all again for me!) thanks

  Macworld 09:39 18 Aug 2015

That's very strange. I'm thinking that rather than it being Apple's fault, it's the way that one of those audiobooks has been encoded - it's telling your phone that it's music rather than an audio book. I'm sure years ago I read something about how to change the file identifier for that purpose if you were on a Mac - but since you are using it on an iPhone, I'm not so sure. Just out of interest, which audio book is misbehaving? I might take a look.

  Parrotperson 13:46 18 Aug 2015

Yes I wondered that. It's John Finnemores Souvenir Programme series 1 Also Cabin Pressure Xmas special and cabin pressure series 1

All others in iBooks as should be.

Could it be that they're marked 'album' ? I'd never given to t much thought til now!


  Macworld 10:15 19 Aug 2015

Good choice - love Cabin Pressure!

I think that's what it is, it's because it's somehow identifying itself as a music album...

Are you able to access the tracks on iTunes on a Mac (or I guess a PC). I think you can convert them to the correct format there, but I'll have to check how.

  Parrotperson 13:16 19 Aug 2015

Oo! Right yes I can. I have an iMac.

And as Arthur would say 'brilliant!' Thanks.

  Macworld 10:22 21 Aug 2015

I think you need to Right-click on the 'song' and choose Get Info. Then click the Options menu in the new Window that opened. There's a drop-down menu for 'Media Kind' and you can choose Audiobook from the list there. More info here: click here

  Parrotperson 13:34 21 Aug 2015

Thanks. Will try that.

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