kimtrnc 09:22 03 Jan 2011

I am considering buying an Ipad (I just LOVE gadgets!) Thinking of buying from US, as apparently much cheaper there.

Questions :

What running costs are there?

Do I have to have a provider, or can I use directly on wifi for free, or what?

Are they faruly durable, ie, if I accidentally drop it, will it fall apart?

etc, etc.
Opinions please
TIA Kimig

  howard64 09:31 03 Jan 2011

I have only got close to one and it appeared sturdy and very good. I would be very cautious about buying from America. Make sure it comes with an international warranty. It will connect to free wifi and to your own broadband.

  User-312386 09:32 03 Jan 2011

There no running costs, you connect to your home wifi. Like any consumer product, dont drop it! If you buy from the US you may not have a warranty and also you may have to pay import duty on the ipad, which could then push the cost up to the UK prices

  bremner 09:50 03 Jan 2011

Apple warranties are worldwide.

  anniesboy 09:56 03 Jan 2011

My son bought us one for Christmas.
It feels solid ,but I would not want to drop it.
The WiFi works well from our own router ,not been away from home with it. It uses Safari as a browser .
You set it up initially via itunes ,the touch screen is a bit fiddly especially if you have big digits like me.
Bear in mind there is no usb connection ,though I think an adaptor of some sort is available.
Ours arrived with a case which sort of doubles as a stand, battery life is good.
It will be great to take on holiday etc. as a gadget is great but not as versatile as a netbook or laptop

  keverne 12:27 03 Jan 2011

I'd advise you to do a lot of research into what the iPad can and can't do. It certainly isn't a replacement for an ordinary PC or laptop.

For instance it isn't straightforward to print something but what catches most folk out is that it doesn't support Adobe's Flash Player - nor is it ever likely to.

click here

So if your favourite web sites use Flash then the iPad isn't for you.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:33 03 Jan 2011

After paying import duty and shipping costs I feel that you will see any 'saving' miraculously disappear.


  ams4127 15:42 03 Jan 2011

I was lucky enough to be given a 16GB WiFi model for Christmas and am greatly impressed with it.

As previously stated by daconnor it does not support Flash. However, clicking on a Flash video on the BBC website results in the video playing in a new window. How that works is beyond me!

I have downloaded quite a few "apps", both paid for and free. Most are excellent. My only personal regret was finding a Kindle app which runs on the ipad when I had just purchased a new Kindle!!

WiFi connection through my BT Homehub 2 is faultless. No dropouts at all.

E-Mail is easy to setup though it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a full blown programme.

Finally, as this is my first Apple product, I am pleased to say that "Yes, it just works"

  kimtrnc 04:57 04 Jan 2011

Thankyou to everybody for the interesting info. I will take the general advice, and buy British!

Never mind - maybe I will win the lottery this week - then I can have one Ipad for every room in my amazing new villa in Tahiti....!

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