iPad (2017) or iPad Mini 4

  UA12 17:49 09 May 2017

So I've currently got an iPad Mini, and it's beginning to struggle. Therefore, I'm now preparing to upgrade. I've narrowed down my choices to the iPad (2017) in 128GB and the iPad Mini 4 in 128GB. The iPad (2017) would cost £429 whereas the iPad Mini 4 would cost £419. Now I'm unsure to which would be the best option to purchase, considering specs and features. Could anyone possibly find out which would be the better choice?

My needs mainly revolve around the basics, some heavy gaming and educational purposes (so the use of notes, researching etc). I don't plan on using it for things like design, photography, business etc.

Thanks a lot!

  Govan1x 20:27 09 May 2017

iPad (32GB, Wi-Fi) – £339/$329 if you but it in the us it would only cost £254.51. Take it there must be a reason why they charge us so much.

Playing games I would have thought would be better using the bigger screen and not the mini.

  Forum Editor 09:35 11 May 2017

It really comes down to the question of portability. Your post gives me the impression that you move around a lot - a heavy gamer would not otherwise be using an iPad for games.

That being the case, an iPad mini is obviously a better bet. You already know that, because you have one.

  STBarett 11:47 11 May 2017

I thinks that iPad is better? :)

  UA12 07:52 12 May 2017

I won't be taking my iPad out of the house. So portability doesn't need to be great. Also, I have a concern on how I'll get used to a bigger screen if I go with the iPad (2017).

  Forum Editor 14:42 12 May 2017

"I have a concern on how I'll get used to a bigger screen"

It seems to me that you're answering your own question.

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