iMac mouse

  Noldi 06:21 28 Jul 2010

I have decided on my next computer to be a iMac, The only negative comment I have heard is the wireless mouse, the battery life is very short and I should have a USB mouse. Anybody give me any feedback on this.


  john 52 09:32 28 Jul 2010

Apple have now launched the refreshed imac range !!they have also launched a track pad as a accessory

click here

click here

click here

regarding the magic mouse to be honest it not something that I have read about and most people have nothing but praise for it

  john 52 10:01 28 Jul 2010

I should have added there is a expected update to
ilife shortly so it may be worth waiting or finding out if you purchase a imac if you will get the updated software free when released if your purchase has the older ilife version

  john 52 10:04 28 Jul 2010

Sorry FE should have added these links as well but did not see them until after I had posted

click here

click here

  Noldi 11:34 28 Jul 2010

One of the reasons I chose a iMac was that my son just got the 27" all singing all dancing for his business, I liked it (but not the price) I went in the Electrical store yesterday and was quite impressed with the 21.5” Duo, does all I want and wont clutter up my desk at home even better than my current lap top. I was a bit annoyed with the sales guy telling me that MS office and iWork was similar price so not worth getting iWork, lucky I know the truth. So will probable drive a bit further to the Apple store to get honest info about these upgrades etc.

My neighbor who is a bit of a computer repairer guy said that the batteries don’t last long in the mouse. I didn’t want to buy a nice wireless setup to keep my desk tidy then find I have to get a USB mouse with a cable. The trackpad looks nice will be enquiring about that.

Thanks for the links


  john 52 14:31 28 Jul 2010

if you buy from John lewis you will get a 2 year warranty as standard .
The apple care is recommended if you do not buy from John Lewis as it extends the warranty to 3 years .
Had you thought of purchasing One to One it costs about £79 for the year and if changing from pc to Mac may be of interest !! but as your son owns a imac may not

click here

click here

  Noldi 15:44 28 Jul 2010

John Lewis is not an option for me I’m afraid, I’m not UK based. I thought the set up time for a new computer was quite quick with iMac and thought it didn’t need a lot of looking in the instruction manual so the one to one I will leave. I will look to see how long the standard warranty is and then make a decision.


  Noels 16:05 28 Jul 2010

I have had an iMac for seven or eight months. I switch it on about 0700 and off about 2200 the same applies to the wireless keyboard and mouse. I have not had to replace the batteries in the keyboard but I have replaced them in the mouse three times so I would guess they last about 3 months.
As a retired old wrinkley I spend all my spare time on my computer probably 4-5hrs per day which I think is fairly heavy use. I always switch off the mouse and keyboard when I switch off the computer.
Hope this helps

  interzone55 17:14 28 Jul 2010

I think Apple have tacitly admitted that the mighty mouse is a bit power hungry, as they've just launched a battery charger
click here and scroll down a bit...

  Noldi 18:49 28 Jul 2010

Your experience reflects what I have heard. new batteries every 3 months I think I can put up with that. But hopefully being at work all day mine may last longer.


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