Is the iMac getting an upgrade soon?

  Bing.alau 11:13 13 Aug 2012

I am seriously thinking of buying a new iMac. But someone mentioned that they had heard it was due an upgrade and that it may be wiser to wait for that. Has anybody any idea if that is happening and if so, how soon?

  interzone55 13:21 13 Aug 2012

One of the problems with Apple is that they're fanatically secret, so do not announce new products until they're ready for production.

This means the twice yearly launches are genuine surprises, but can lead to disappointment when the much hyped iPhone 5 becomes a mildly refreshed iPhone 4s

Having said that, the last launch was the iBook laptops, so I think the iMacs will be updated in September

  Bing.alau 15:01 13 Aug 2012

I do not know but the person who said it to me, was just passing on a rumour quite honestly. As I thought it may be just that, I also thought the geeks on here may know something us mere mortals do not.

  interzone55 15:24 13 Aug 2012

Anything to do with new Apple products before they're launched is always rumour.

In the past Apple have started legal proceedings against staff & suppliers who've leaked details of products prior to the official launch...

  bremner 15:53 13 Aug 2012


Intel released the Ivybridge Chipset a while ago. It was rumoured that Apple would announce new iMac's based Ivybridge. In the end only the Macbook Pro's were updated.

It is said that the upgraded iMac will come very soon and the hold up is to do with new screens, be that Retina's (unlikely) or non reflective (more likely).

In any event when it will be is anyones guess Macrumours

  Brumas 15:57 13 Aug 2012

Bing.alau Give the Apple Store a ring, they should know.

APPLE STORE, LIVERPOOL Paradise Street - Unit 95 L1 8JF - Liverpool Tel.: 0151 472 2600

  bremner 16:32 13 Aug 2012


The normal response from the Stores is "We have no information as to when....."

This is because even if they do know they are sworn to the normal Apple secrecy around launches. No one will say anything until the launch is made officially by Cupertino.

  Bing.alau 17:32 13 Aug 2012

Brumas. I have been down to the apple store in Liverpool to have a look at the different models and prices etc. My mind is made up as to which one I was going for, until someone told me about the rumour.

I have booked in for a familiarisation session on Thursday evening. Thought that might be a good idea as I suspect they are different to the PC I have at present. I will ask then of course, but I do not expect them to confirm or deny it.

  bremner 17:35 13 Aug 2012


Unless you are unable to wait I would give it a month before taking the plunge. The upgraded machines will almost certainly be priced very much as the existing models and will have very worthwhile improvements.

  Bing.alau 17:44 13 Aug 2012

bremner. Yes that sounds like good advice. I am in no hurry. I do know that Brumas got his while ago now and has given it his seal of approval. That takes some getting as he is a stickler for things being right.

I am surprised that he doesn't ask for map co-ordinates (and post code) when someone guesses his Friday evening postcard puzzle correctly.

  TonyV 18:50 13 Aug 2012


I bought an iMAC at the end of April this year. The OSX is now on its' third iteration since I bought it. 10.7.3 to 10.7.4 and then 10.8 Mountain Lion. Both 10.7.4 and Mountain Lion caused me untold problems and Apple had to correct the whole series of problems I had. None of them of my making except accepting the upgrades!! They were mainly to do with Connection to the Internet and old details going AWOL. I get the impression that Apple now expect everyone to have more than one of their products so that they can all be synchronised to each other. I have an iMAC and have no intention of buying any of their other products!

Knowing what I do now, tread carefully.


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