imac G4 won't boot up

  griffo 19:18 23 Jul 2006

My son's imac G4 is geting stuck on the grey Apple screen (the one with the rotating disc/wheel) and doesn't go any further. Can anyone kindly suggest a solution please?

  ed-0 21:05 23 Jul 2006

Pop the system disk into the drive. Force a shutdown. Restart and hold down the "C" key.

You should now be able to pick the repair option.

  griffo 22:36 23 Jul 2006

Thanks Ed, we'll give that a go.

  griffo 13:32 24 Jul 2006

Unfortunately, the system won't boot, so the CD tray won't open. I had hoped that, like a 'normal' PC, the tray would open once power is in the system. Seemingly imacs use a keyboard command to open the CD tray??

Can anyone please suggest how we can get the machine to open the CD tray so that we can try a re-boot from it?

  ed-0 15:53 24 Jul 2006


When you start the mac and you can here the hard drive,or the dong, hold the mouse button. This should force the cd tray to open.

  griffo 18:24 24 Jul 2006

Cheers ed. Had a call from my son saying that he left the mac on the grey screen for a long while, then came back to a black screen with, what looked like, a login requirement. He tried to type in his password but nothing appeared to happen.
However, he swiched off and back on again and, surprise, it booted up!
What concerns me now is, we don't know what caused the problem and we don't know how to run any diagnostics on a mac. Do they have anything built in or can one download stuff to try to find the cause?

  ed-0 22:25 24 Jul 2006

" we don't know how to run any diagnostics on a mac. Do they have anything built in "

You mean something like windows "sfc" for a mac? to check the files?

Don't know of any utility or programme for the mac. Usually they are no bother. The worst I have encounted is a forced shutdown.

I just know of the 3 options from the boot disk. From istant memory it's

1) repair

2) re-install and save files

3) total format and re-install.

and only used that option once. on half a dozen mac's over about 10 years?

  griffo 23:27 24 Jul 2006

Do you reckon using option 1) might be a good precautionary measure?

  ed-0 23:31 24 Jul 2006

Just fired up the mac with the restore disk:-) not 5 minutes ago.

Pick the Archive and install tab.

This will preserve all system data in a new folder on the hard drive. As an option you can save all the previous user accounts/files and network settings. Then installs OSX.

verbatim ^^^

So thats just like windows repair option.

  ed-0 23:32 24 Jul 2006

I think that the second option. It's after upgrade OSX

  griffo 10:48 25 Jul 2006

Many thanks ed.

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