imac g4 music files

  Hucky 16:53 29 Jan 2012

hi...i have a external hard drive that i have plugged into my imac...all my music files on the hard drive are not showing up...thanx

  bremner 16:57 29 Jan 2012

What type of music files are they Mp3, wma, wav ?

  bremner 16:58 29 Jan 2012

And what os is running on the G4

  bremner 16:59 29 Jan 2012

Sorry should have thought this through first.

What file system is on the hard drive. If it is NTFS that will be the problem.

  Hucky 17:09 29 Jan 2012

ntfs yes

  bremner 17:18 29 Jan 2012

What version of Mac OS

  Hucky 17:45 29 Jan 2012

is there any way around this thanx

  bremner 18:39 29 Jan 2012

For the third time

What version of the Mac OS is the G4 running?

  Hucky 18:47 29 Jan 2012


  bremner 18:54 29 Jan 2012

10.4.1 (Tiger) will read NTFS so you should see the files. Does the external drive have other files that are visible?

You could try installing MacFuse but I don't think this will necessarily help.

  Hucky 19:08 29 Jan 2012

i have some videos that are but the bulk of them are not

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