iMAC G3 I think

  iqs 18:10 23 Jan 2010


Not an expert with MAC's,hope you can help.

I was given a iMAC G3 I believe,it was working two years ago when last used.But now it wont power up.

I have pressed the standby button on the front of the monitor,but there is no signs of life.

I have read that some MAC's turn on via the keyboard.

Like I said I have no experience with MAC's so any help is appreciated.


  bremner 18:19 23 Jan 2010

The iMac G3 had its power button on the right hand side of the unit under the screen.

Download the User manual from here click here

  iqs 21:31 23 Jan 2010

Sorry for responding late,I haven't be able to access the site..
There is no power button,just the front standby button.


  bremner 10:06 24 Jan 2010

Is it a G3?

Is it like the one in the manual that I provided the link to?

  iqs 18:24 24 Jan 2010

Yes,the same as your link,cheers

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