If I get an Xbox or PS3 gamepad, will it work with iMac?

  Jwbjnwolf 21:16 21 Jun 2011

Me personally I would Prefer a PS3 one as I do prefer the Sony ones. I have heard about that Xbox ones, you can with drivers but what about PS3 ones?

I really want a gamepad and it sounds like Xbox is the easiest.

  gengiscant 14:04 22 Jun 2011

Have a look at Logitech,they have compatible game-pads for the Mac.

  Jwbjnwolf 15:21 22 Jun 2011

What about Bluetooth ones? That is the reason mentioned about Xbox one. I seems that logitech don't do blutooth ones. Any one know of a controller that works with Mac via Bluetooth?


  gengiscant 16:39 22 Jun 2011

Lag on blue-tooth will be higher than USB or wired game-pad.

  Jwbjnwolf 16:47 22 Jun 2011

but I will be sitting basically half way across my bedroom and these iMacs have the usbs at the back of the screen. I hate wires.

Is there any way that I could do it by infrared?

Xbox uses bluetooth and it does not lack does it?

  gengiscant 08:49 23 Jun 2011

Infra-red is even slower, and yes there is lag with Xbox controllers.But as to whether you would actually notice or not is debatable. If your playing a fast paced shooter then you probably would if you were any good. What games do you play?

  Jwbjnwolf 12:46 23 Jun 2011

Games like driving simulator games such as Euro Truck Simulator, Uk Truck Simulator, and occasionally Ms Flight Simulator.

My Mouse and Keyboard are both Bluetooth and they do not lag when playing these games.

I have actually found this app called Wifipad which will turn your iPhone/iPod/iPad into a gamepad. on their website they give lots of options of different gamepads.

The one that I think would suit me most is Xbox gamepad and I defiantly need one because it is not good enough using iPod because buttons are to small.

But apart from that, it did work fabulously considering that it went all the way down through our airport extreme and back again upstairs to my mac.

It certainly would not of worked if we did not have the airport extreme connected to the router as it has boosted the connection speed from 0.5mb/s to almost 3mb/s, although downloads are still going at 200kb/s. But then broadband speed tests pick up at almost 3mb/s. So I do not know what is causing that, but anyway, a bit off topic there. :)

So Xbox gamepad, I think would be best one although I personally prefer the shape of Playstation ones as they are much nicer to hold.



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