I want a MAC,but which one?

  iqs 19:23 26 Jan 2010


Paid a visit to my new local Apple store,and immediately fell in love with the MAC PC I saw.It had a 27" screen and looked amazing with its wireless mouse and keyboard.

But which one to buy?.

Also how good are Apple at collection,repairing,and more importantly returning your MAC fixed?.

The reason I haven't bought a MAC so far,is due to the fact you cant repair a MAC your self.I have stayed with Windows based PS's because I can repair and build them.

So your thoughts please on what modal of MAC to purchase,and your experiences of their support.


  oldbeefer2 21:36 26 Jan 2010

As an example, my daughter in law in Sydney spilt something on her laptop keyboard. She took it to the apple shop where they discovered a small crack in the side of said laptop keyboard. The whole case was replaced free of charge in a day. Not bad service, I would say.

  iqs 22:05 26 Jan 2010

Thanks for the reply.Its nice to hear of good customer service.
Will have a word with the staff and discuss their after care service.

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