I need some help with Macromedia Studio MX

  danke 00:03 08 Feb 2004

I'd like to get this software. Please tell me the difference between the full commercial version and student one of this software, what I can do with the former that I cannot do with the latter?
Would you also advise me to buy Studio MX 2004 with Flash Pro Upgrade from Studio MX 2004 Win/Mac, or against it, are there any hidden pitfalls possible?

thanks a million

  soy 00:25 08 Feb 2004

There is no difference between the Commercial and student versions of Studio. You have to be a full-time student and be able to prove this by supplying evidence eg. Sudent staus letter.

  Gaz 25 01:14 08 Feb 2004

I am running 04 nicely. Heres a few examples:

click here

click here

  Taran 02:22 08 Feb 2004

I'd say you need to think about your needs in relation to your probable use of Flash before going for the Professional version. If you think you will be using Flash for a lot of data handling via forms, ActionScript programming, video and mobile device applications then go for the Professional version. Otherwise, quite simply, don't.

There is a useful feature comparison at the Macromedia site between Flash MX 2004 and Flash MX 2004 Professional click here

I have one copy of Flash MX 2004 Professional and four licenses for Flash MX 2004 since neither myself nor any of my staff need the features of the Professional version on a regular basis.

As far as Flash is concerned I am afraid that nobody can answer this one for you. It all boils down to what you are going to do with the software or how you intend to use it.

Be advised that the learning curve for Flash is about as steep as it gets in any web design/development field. Its output is superb but its use is limited in the vast majority of websites and design briefs.

A couple of years ago every man and his dog wanted and offered Flash laden sites. Now though, the exact opposite is true. Clients are becoming more educated in many cases and some of them even insist on no Flash at all from the very outset. I sometimes get asked for Flash but normally manage to dissuade clients from using it - most requests for and implementations of it are inappropriate and serve no useful function in the project at hand, but I enjoy using it when there is a suitable application in the pipeline.

I haven't had to deliver any complex Flash for well over a year now and I can't say I'm that sorry about it overall. Most of the Flash programming I've done this last 18 months or so has been in designing Flash web forms as a front end GUI linked into a database applications. I know, I need to get out more...

Have a long hard think about what you might like to do with Flash and whether learning it [assuming you do not already know it] is likely to be worth the time investment in potential return in the future. I can guarantee one thing: no matter how good you become with Flash you will find that you are called upon or need to use it in about one site in every hundred, roughly speaking of course.

Many Flash programmers I know are struggling to keep a steady influx of work and have diversified into other fields, which contrasts sharply to the huge sums they could charge just a couple of years ago.

Just a thought...

Aside from that, there is no difference in software functionality that I know of between the Student and normal versions.


  danke 01:54 10 Feb 2004

I have a question to Soy, when I have to prove that I'm a student if I want to buy the software from Amazon.co.uk? I believe it ought to be done at the registration, am I right?

  tomleady 10:36 10 Feb 2004

get yourself Dreamweaver separately (if its possible). i would save your money on flash, and invest in Fireworks instead. fireworks is great for graphics and web, an Dreamweaver and Fireworks go hand-in-hand.

like Taran said, Flash is solid to learn, so give your self a few months off before you try!

i gave up learning it any furrther than the basics.

  IClaudio 11:58 10 Feb 2004

Macromedia send you acknowledgement of your purchase, and you return your proof of student/teachership, which includes your Headteacher's endorsement. Your software arrives a day later.

Not like Microsoft, who will sell their educational stuff to anyone who asks!


  Taran 12:08 10 Feb 2004

It is also worth noting that you are not allowed to use the Education license software for commercial purposes, so if you intend going into web design to any extent in the future you will have to buy the fully licensed version[s] anyway to stay legal.

The Education license is just that - for educational use only.

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