how to transfer operating system to new machine

  De Nada 17:31 19 Oct 2010

Been having a lot of problems with my pc lately and i decided to go for a new computer,i bought without an operating system as i have a retail copy of windows xp-pro,how can i transfer it all over to my new machine?

  bremner 17:39 19 Oct 2010

If you mean you have a full retail version of XP Pro, which has the licence key, then so long as you delete it from the old machine you can install it on the new machine

  gengiscant 17:46 19 Oct 2010

If you mean transfer all your programs and you operating system in one go,you cannot. The drivers for your motherboard etc will be different.

You will need to install your O/S then all the motherboard drivers then update windows XP then download and install all your programs.You can of course install your old harddrive, remembering to change the little plastic cap to the slave setting, then you will be able to copy all your personal stuff over. Then format the old drive to get rid of any rubbish then you can use the old drive as a backup.

  De Nada 17:47 19 Oct 2010

Yes i have the key so that is good news,thankyou very much.

  chub_tor 17:50 19 Oct 2010

One way would be to install your retail copy of XP Pro onto the new machine, install all your programmes on it as well, then connect the old and the new machines on a network and drag and drop all your data files from one machine to the other.
Take out the hard drive in your new machine, put it in a caddy or in your old machine and clone one drive to the other. Then install the new cloned drive back into the new machine - BUT you will run into driver issues as the two motherboards will be different. You would have to run an XP repair to fix it.

As bremner says you should not have the same copy of XP Pro on both machines at the same time - but I doubt if anyone at Microsoft will bother with that since XP has been superseded by Vista and Win 7. Legally wrong to do it but in practise you will not come to much harm if you do.

  De Nada 17:55 19 Oct 2010

Thanks, it looks like a bigger job,i have done a clean install once onto my pc,but i am a little bit confused over motherboard drivers,new pc is still in the box on the landing,will there be a disc inside? sorry im a bit vague,

  De Nada 17:58 19 Oct 2010

But on reflection i think i will try bremner"s first,thanks again.

  canarieslover 18:15 19 Oct 2010

Go for the clean install. The problems with your old computer may be because the registry has been corrupted or there is malware on the computer. You really don't want to transfer the OS unless it is running really well as that could turn your shiny new computer into an old dog straight away.

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