How configure Apple to access internet via a pc?

  John Ba 19:00 08 Sep 2005

I was hopping to set enable my sister's elderly Apple (600Mhz G3, but running OS 10.3) to access the internet using a crossover cable to a pc (running Windows XP SP2). This in turn is connected to the internet with a USB modem, using a static IP address.

I thought it was going to be easy, but I struggled. I'm not that competent on networking anyway and I know virtually nothing about Apple computers.

Can any one suggest what needs to be done or what settings need to be made on either computer?

I know she should really buy an ethernet modem and that maybe I should be asking a MacUser forum instead.

With thanks for any suggestions ahead of trying to fix it this weekend.

  DieSse 19:19 08 Sep 2005

I can't think you're going to be able to do this. The cross-over cable direct connection requires Windows Internet Connection Sharing - and clearly it's not likely you can have Windows ICS on a Mac.

I would think you should be looking at a LAN based Router - then both systems connect to the net via the Router, and won't ned the ICS software.

It has the added advantage that they connect independantly - ie either can be switched off and the other can still connect.

  John Ba 19:31 08 Sep 2005

A router would probably be a reasonable way to do it, albeit at a cost which I was trying to avoid as the Apple is rather elderly.

However, I know it can be done if you manually set up the configuration as an ex-girlfriend had just such a set up. I had hoped that the Mac set up might be more user friendly.

With thanks.

  Thalmus 21:05 08 Sep 2005

Read this guide

click here

  DieSse 21:11 08 Sep 2005

Well - we live and learn!

  John Ba 16:22 09 Sep 2005

These pages look really useful. I'll try and get the computers to share their internet connection this weekend.

With many thanks for your help.

  Kate B 17:45 09 Sep 2005

I did this easily with a crossover cable running between my Windows box and my Mac running Panther (at the time). I can't remember off the top of my head what I ticked in the Mac's preferences and settings boxes but essentially so long as the host computer - ie the Windows box - is on and connected to the internet then the Mac will be too. Just fire up Safari and off you go.

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