How Can I Record CDs in Apple Mac Format?

  s99Raj 13:04 07 May 2003

I'd like to be able to insert Apple floppies into my PC and record the programs off them onto CD, using Nero, so that the CDs may be read by an Apple iMac.

Does anyone know how to do this?


(The iMac doesn't have a floppy drive or CD Writer on it. I don't want to have to buy these separately if I can help it.)

  recap 14:04 07 May 2003

With Apple iTunes you can use MP3, AIFF or WAV. AIFF and WAV are not compressed and require large amounts of disk space. If you want to make high quality CD's at the expense of using a lot of disk space then choose the AIFF format.

  Diemmess 17:45 07 May 2003

From long fiddling rather than hard knowledge.

If you wish to transfer Apple Mac applications to your PC or vice versa - you cannot!

Of course it must be possible, but wide experience of software code writing and reverse engineering will be necessary even to outline the task.

Much cheaper and properly legal will be to buy the PC version.

Some single files are a different matter, Pictures will transfer quite easily in jpg form via the net.

There used to be a program called Mac-in-Dos (I have a copy somewhere) which theoretically will format a floppy for Mac or Dos depending on which way you want to go in transferring data. ......It never worked properly for me and one snag was the file had to be converted into something that the other computer could open!

  Pesala 19:08 07 May 2003

If I understand the question rightly you want to make copies of your own software on CDs using your PC's CD-RW drive to save inserting several floppy disks in your Mac. Have you thought of asking a friend to do this for you, or getting it done professionally? Even that might be much cheaper than buying a new CD-RW drive for a Mac.

  s99Raj 19:20 07 May 2003

Yes, I think people ARE misunderstanding the question.

I don't want to be able to run the Mac programs on the PC (I know it won't work). I merely have loads of my own Mac software and programs collected over several years which I ran on the Mac, and they're all on floppies. I now want to use my CD writer, which is on my PC, to put them all onto CD so that I can use the CD on the Mac, not the PC.

I hope that's clear. Any further help appreciated.

  Pesala 19:51 07 May 2003

A bit beyond my technical knowledge, but it looks like it is possible to do what you want.
click here

  interzone55 20:10 07 May 2003

PCs cannot read Mac disks without help from 3rd party products.

Try here click here

Buring a CD for use on a Mac should not be boyond the capabilities of most CD authoring software

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