Help setting up MAC address filtering

  terendak_uk 19:05 10 Nov 2004

Please. I've got an OfficeConnectADSL wireless 11gfirewall router( two PCs, both XP home OS.The wireless network works wonderfully, btw) When I go into the MAC address filtering part of the router the first box is headed "Enable MAC Address filtering" and the "disable" radio button is checked.The "Access rule for registered MAC address" button is however checked under"allow" The other box is headed MAC Address filtering list" and the "wireless DHCP Client list" box has an IP number in it and a name, ( of this, the second PC thats connected to the router via a Belkin USB 11g network card).
The third box is a blank list of 30 IDs. Be very grateful for advice on what boxes to check and how I find the MAC address of the second PC that hasnt got an ethernet card, just the USB network card.

  fly2hi 19:16 10 Nov 2004

from the top..
you've got to the right page in your router.

open up a command window/ dos prompt.
type in "ipconfig/all" without the quotes
you should see a list of settings and if you have more than one adapter installed you need to choose the right one.
you will see an item "physical address" with a series of letters/numbers after it, should be 6 pairs.
write these down
"exit" dos window
go back to your router setup page where you've seen the mac filtering options.
click to enable mac filtering.
where you have the space for 30 odd items just click in the first one and enter the 6 pairs of numbers/letters;
the first line will be for your main pc
the next line for the next pc,
etc etc
click "apply" if that is an option
Don't worry about all the other rules just yet
if you look at your info page for the router it will eventually show which pc's are connected to the router. i.e. there ip address and their mac address.
that should be enough to get you going
p.s. mine is a different router but same rules should apply.

wait with baited breath

  terendak_uk 19:39 10 Nov 2004

thanks very much fly2hi......much appreciated. All's well on both PCs so far. Now, regarding pulling in a Centrino laptop....I assume I'll have to enter it's MAC addy before it'll be allowed into the loop? It really is great, I'm listeneing to music that's on the HDD downstairs, my wife's on the internet d'stairs's all going swimmingly! Ah, one thing tho. Can I leave the security side of things to MAC filtering, or do I need to look at WEP as well????

  terendak_uk 19:47 10 Nov 2004

please unbate ( de-bate??) your breath. Can't have you passing out on me yet!

  fly2hi 20:22 10 Nov 2004

WEP..entirely up to you. I've enabled it because it's there and won't do any harm.

What I have is;
change the SSID to something else, any name you like "Fred", "thedog"...
disable SSID broadcast, you don't need to tell everyone.
Allowed client type= WEP only
wireless mode = 11g only
transmission rate = fully auto
channel = (if the default of 11 doesn't work, try a lower channel, say 10)
g nitro = enable (if your adapter supports it)
WEP = 64 bit
key provisioning = static
default key id = 1
tick the box for passphrase,
enter a password of your choosing (remember it!)
it should automatically generate the encryption keys)
go to your wireless adapter settings on the other pc, you should have a series of setup screens
It should be able to scan for your router and pick up the new SSID you've chosen
you'll need to enable WEP on the adapter and enter the password you used on the router.
There may be other settings to change but they should be apparent.
set the same channel number etc as the router

I found that if I reboot the other pc, i have to reenter the password in order to connect

As said b4, your setup may be different.

  fly2hi 20:25 10 Nov 2004

I know, a bit tight with the full stops...hope you can decipher it.

back to first post, your router may only show pc's connected if you're using DHCP (i.e. list of DHCP clients connected)

  terendak_uk 20:33 10 Nov 2004

Can't do this tonight so I'll have a go tomorrow...but, do I need the extra security? WHy? I assume it's for protecting any credit card details? However, if the MAC filtering allows only the registered PCs to access the wireless network, surely that's good enough? Will browse for info. Thanks for your help....appreciated

  Gaz 25 20:48 10 Nov 2004

prevents computers, which are not on your network. ie. dont have a MAC address of one of your PC's, then it is denied access.

It is good security, unless of course some grubby little hacker uses MAC address spoofing.

Good luck.

  fly2hi 21:35 10 Nov 2004

It just helps,
full protection is only achieved by pulling that little plug out of the wall !

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