Help pls. Trying to sync Iphone/Ipad to Webmail

  wishtobwireless 18:58 06 Jan 2014

I have a new business email address which i would like to sync with Iphone and ipad. I have found some instructions from google and have got to the bit on exchange (on iphone) after pressing save and it says 'This account may not be able to send or receive emails. Are you sure you want to continue? Needless to say i have not gone any further. I am on Iphone 4s and not yet upgraded as my daughter said not to until she was there in case i lost all my contacts. Incidentally i initially tried it the other way round from webmail but i had no idea whether i needed an exhange email set up or a POP and Imap set up, not having a clue what the difference is

As always I would be grateful for any assistance Thank you

  Woolwell 23:14 06 Jan 2014

Webmail is accessing your emails through your browser and this is possible through Safari on the iPhone or iPad. You cannot sync to webmail. However since all of the mails remain on the server which ever device you use will see the emails and will seem like a sync.

If you want to use the email app on the iPhone and iPad then it is best to use imap. imap will allow the iPhone, iPad and PC to see all of the emails both incoming and sent.

If you want to use imap then set up your email with your provider. Note carefully the settings provided and input these into the iPhone and iPad. You will probably have to enter them manually. You should not need the exchange bit.

Do you use Outlook (the program)?

I'm puzzled by what you mean by all of your contacts? You can back up iPhone and iPad contacts through iCloud and/or iTunes and both devices can see the same contacts.

I have a desktop, laptop, iphone and iPad all syncing imap email, contacts and calendar.

  wishtobwireless 07:56 07 Jan 2014

Hi Woolwell Thanks for your help as always. I currently have a btinternet account synced to ipad, iphone and laptop but not through outlook. So are you saying I cannot do that with web mail? or if i did it through outlook that would be ok and if so would i also need to put btinternet account through outlook aswell? With the webmail account it also runs in the background i know not how, callprocrm for a diary. I just feel that it would be unworkable to have to sign into webmail through safari to check diary and emails all the time or have I misunderstood? Sorry to be so dense!

  wishtobwireless 07:57 07 Jan 2014

Also do have Icloud on phone but tbh I dont know how that works, I do not pay any sub on that each month, should I? thanks again

  Woolwell 12:47 07 Jan 2014

Sorry but have been quite busy and may not be able to respond quickly.

You don't have to pay for iCloud. Contacts and calendar should automatically sync over iCloud between the iPhone and iPad. The laptop is slightly more complicated and depends on which email client that you are using. I'm not familiar with callpro crm and how it would work with that.

For email then I suggest that you move from pop to imap. You can use pop by leaving messages on the server but sent emails don't sync using pop. With an imap email account you can set the account up on laptop (using whatever email client or even webmail) and use the iPhone and iPad's email (using the same account settings). All 3 devices will then see exactly the same emails. That is what I do for my main email account.

  wishtobwireless 07:28 08 Jan 2014

Wow Thanks for your assistance Woolwell. All now sorted.

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