Help me out - wife wants a mac

  djinn 00:04 04 Nov 2005

Has anyone any comments about this crew.....

click here

My wife is considering a mac purely on looks and I'd like help in persuading her otherwise. I think she'd go for these on looks, but I'd be keen to hear the thoughts of anyone who has dealt with the above


  Kate B 01:03 04 Nov 2005

Macs are great. I have an iBook that I use for general sofa-based surfing and work and I travel with, as well as my Windows gaming rig.

For a start, they're excellent for people who don't have the knowledge or the inclination to acquire the knowledge to keep patched and free of crud: there are no trojans or viruses or any nasties for Macs (though they can pass on Office-based viruses). For another start, they ship with some superb applications - many have AppleWorks, they all have iPhoto, iTunes and a Mac with a burner will also have iDVD. And it comes with a superb email client, too.

They're easy to get to grips with and they just blinking work - straight out of the box. They all ship now with Airport Express cards and connect up to your wifi network without making a fuss. They're rock-solid, too: my iBook is 18 months old and hasn't once crashed on me.

If you've got an old monitor, keyboard and mouse lurking around, get her a Mini (put a bit more Ram in it, though); otherwise I think the iMac range is excellent and I always recommend Macs to people who don't know - and don't want to know - much about computers. If I weren't a gamer I'd have an iMac myself.

Even the bleat about software not being available is less of a problem, plus there is plenty of free cross-platform software: OpenOffice and Nvu for starters.

Don't dissuade her. Let her persuade you - you might enjoy having a new OS to play with.

  Jdoki 10:54 04 Nov 2005

Bit on the pricey side those Hush machines, but look very nice.

I spec'd up a PVR MCE model, and it came to about £1800, and the actual components were worth a lot less than that - an X850 graphics card, 3200 AMD CPU and 1GB RAM should be a few hundred quid now - what Hush seem to do well is create quiet and distinctive machines.

You may also want to look at Bits Bytes and Nibbles! click here - I've not used them, but have heard good things - they have a section on dedicated Small Form factor PC's.

Also Scan, click here can build you a machine using a Hoojum Cubit case, which is very nice (although I prefer the Cubit 3 case, rather than the 5).

As previous poster said... If I wasn't a gamer I'd definitely have a Mac Mini or iMac - great OS, hassle free and not so much paranoia about security problems etc.

  djinn 11:18 04 Nov 2005

Thanks folks,

I've taken note of your comments, have to agree that the Hush machines are pricey for the component spec - but they are pretty to look at.

Re the mac - Kate B does make them sound very attractive, I myself am intrigued but my wife has had a pc installed at work and I don't think she's ready or willing to awap Os's.

Thanks for the links Jdoki - the hoojums look good and that's the crux here, I think her decision will be driven by aestheticx as much as anything.

The family have clubbed together and she has £1500 to spend - any other recommendations would be welcome.


  Jdoki 14:18 04 Nov 2005

AOpen do a case which rivals the Mac Mini, and in a range of nice colours. I can't recall if I've seen any UK based companies building machines out of these yet. If I find a link I'll post it.

Also VoodooPC click here do a great little range of machines, they are US based though - but will ship internationally for a couple of hundred dollars!! Haven't looked in to the warranty situation.

The Hoojum Cubit cases are nice and as they are based on the Shuttle range of components should run cool and quietly. Personally I prefer the Cubit 3 rather than the Cubit 5 that Scan use for their Custom Build machines, but if you fancy a challenge you could build a Cubit 3 yourself.

PC Advisor has a review of a cool looking Media PC click here

Keep us posted how you get on. I'm sort of in the market for a SFF Media PC at the moment, so any experiences would be welcome.

  ajm 15:04 04 Nov 2005

You want your life to be easy and without ANY troubles? Get the missus anything she wants!!!

On a serious note, I agree with Kate B's comments. I have a 13-14 month old 15" PowerBook and have had no problems with it whatsoever. Infact, I have persuaded a few friends and family to switch to Macs. Have a look here click here

  Jackcoms 15:53 04 Nov 2005

Point out to your wife that a mac is something to wear when it rains. End of discussion.

  Kate B 19:10 05 Nov 2005

Voodoo is Canadian, actually. My PC is a Voodoo and although it was pricey I'm hugely impressed by both the PC itself and by the company - the customer care is superb. I've had a leak in the watercooling liquid reservoir and they sent me detailed instructions on how to take it out, check it etc and are now sending me a replacement.

I even had an email from them on the day of the London tube bombings checking I was OK!

  phoenix198 23:45 05 Nov 2005

Probably heresy to say so on this forum, but there's nothing wrong with a Mac.

You don't say whether your other half is after a laptop or desktop but the iBook G4 click here and iMac G5 click here are very good machines, and not bad value. And Mac OS-X 10.4 is a pleasure to use.

Unless you have a hidden agenda with the Hush machines, give her what she wants! (And you can campaign for the Hush later ...)

  powerless 00:39 06 Nov 2005

Scrap the mac mini because you'll be wanting an iMac. I know, that's what I wish I had done in the first place :-(

The iMacs have just had an update, smaller, faster, iSight [inbuilt webcam] and they look superb. Give it a gig of RAM and take the Applecare protection and you'll have a few quid left over. They also come with a remote ;-))

It'll come with all the software you ever wanted. MS Office for the Mac is available if you want it.

Pages - is a nice app for creating word 'like' docs and also includes Keynote for presentations, A £40 [ish] extra but it's cool.

ibook and powerbook is an option for on the move.

PowerMac [the Quad G5's lol] would be a waste of money unless you do the 3D modelling thing.

Double check that iMac, it looks great!

  Justabitbaffled 17:39 07 Nov 2005

My wife wanted a Citroen Berlingo; arguably an ugly looking motor (a van for goodness sake!)I wanted her to have a VW Golf....she won....I lost...and the Berlingo is the most practical vehicle we have ever owned

The moral?

However irrational their decisions they are never wrong and get what they want in the end so buy the mac and avoid the ear-ache!

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