HELP! machine_Check_exception

  Ciggybumly 08:41 12 Sep 2006

My home PC has always work well, never had any BSOD or crashes. However the other night I was playing my favourite BF2 game and it crashed. When I rebooted the tower seemed to responed and sound like it was booting normally, however anything plugged into the back didnt respond, i.e no mouse light, no keyboard light and the monitor didnt come on. I tried unplugging things, but nothing happend, infact when I unplugged the monitor cable the screen turned on showing the no connection sign, and when I plugged it back in it turned off!

I left the computer for a night and tried it in the morning, everything seemd to start as normaly, all my peripherals were working, however I now get a BSOD during boot saying Machine_Check_exception. I can briefly get into windows but then this occurs and restarts.

Any help would be great, im not brilliant with computers and would welcome any advice.

Basic Spec:
AMD64 3500
1gb ram
ATI x700 256mb graphics
160gb HD
500w silent cooling



  johnnyrocker 08:50 12 Sep 2006



  Ciggybumly 08:51 12 Sep 2006

Sorry, OS xp home, its never been upgraded and not overclocked

  johnnyrocker 08:55 12 Sep 2006

can you get in to safe mode using F8 during boot up? if so try system restore, but i suspect you may have poss serious issues.


  Ciggybumly 09:07 12 Sep 2006

I aint had chance to try safe mode yet, it only happend last nite. I seemd to be able to briefly get into windows this morning,but didnt have enough time to try the device manager to see if there was any hardware conflicts, before the BSOD came up. Ive read it could be memory or a PSU problem, how can I check?

  woodchip 09:11 12 Sep 2006
  Ciggybumly 09:19 12 Sep 2006

Thank you for the link woodchip, I saw this on the internet, I kind of understand it, but im not sure how I check which hardware problem it is. I thought it may be RAM as it crashed while in a game and I had to reset, but I havnt changed anything either from my original setup. Everything is as I brought it 12 months ago, typical it goes wrong just after the 12month warrenty! When the tower loads I can hear a fan, so would this mean the PSU and fan are working correctly?



  Ciggybumly 09:20 12 Sep 2006

Also woodchip

when reading the link it talks of pentium and pentium pro processors, does this also relate to AMD 64 processors?


  woodchip 09:27 12 Sep 2006

Yes My first line of check would be CPU fan, followed by PSU. If plaing games this pushes both the above to limits

  Ciggybumly 09:42 12 Sep 2006

how would i go about checking this, ive never been inside a computer really, but would rather not fork out loads for someone to have a look

  Ciggybumly 09:46 12 Sep 2006

Is there also any reason why this would have suddenly happened? Ive done nothing more than I usually do with my PC, it had been running for a few hours, but I couldnt hear any differences in the fan sound

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