Help: Machine went BANG

  ened 11:23 26 Dec 2007

I just turned the computer on and there was a crackling sound (unfortunately I was not close enough to ascertain exactly where it came from).

There was a distinct smell of overheating electrics but before I could turn it off there was a loud bang and it did it for me.

Now it is completely dead. I can see no evidence of any burning on the mobo or anything else.

  jimv7 11:26 26 Dec 2007

Power supply is faulty, try changing it and with luck it will not have done any damage to the motherboard, drives or cards.

  ened 11:34 26 Dec 2007

The machine is several years (completely trouble free) old and I have not recently added any hardware.

But I am going to go round to a friends and see if he has a spare psu lying around.

Back later

  jack 12:11 26 Dec 2007

Sales are on - perhaps it was a message! -;}

  Devil Fish 12:20 26 Dec 2007

if you heard a bang it almost certainly the PSU has blown but their is no telling if anything else has gone with it without trying another one

  €dstowe 12:43 26 Dec 2007

If you do try another PSU, don't forget to change the fuse in the plug if you use your old cable - it may well have blown.

  octal 13:12 26 Dec 2007

I would try changing the lead first because they are often a cause of aggravation.

  Graham. 14:10 26 Dec 2007

Check the fuse in the plug and any replacement. Plugs are often supplied with a 13A fuse - this needs to be changed to a 5A. (Some new computers are still being sold with 13A fuses).

For a general guide click here

  woodchip 17:36 26 Dec 2007

3Amp fuse should be in the plug only

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