Formula Or Macro Please

  steviegee 14:46 24 Jan 2011

In columns B & C I have various data stretching down 21000 rows. I need a formula to do the following:-

Starting in E2 I need it to look at the information in column B and put 001 whenever the information is the same in column E, but if the info is different in column C then put 002 in each cell in E and so on

abc123 456 001
abc123 456 001
abc123 789 002
abc123 123 003
abc456 456 001
abc456 789 002

and so on..

I hope I have explained myself ok!!. Thanks

Are you there VoG!!!???

  VoG II 17:43 24 Jan 2011

Yes but I have absolutely no idea what the question means.

I am using my home username now. Can I send you a small example on a spreadsheet so you can see what I need to VoG?

  VoG II 18:06 24 Jan 2011

PM sent.

Ok is it possible to give a number to each cell that has different info in column 'C'.

The first number in e2 would be 001, when the data changes it will be 002 and it will be 002 for how many cells have the same data, when the data changes again it will be 003 and so on...

  VoG II 07:32 25 Jan 2011


In E1 enter 1

In E2 and copied down


  steviegee 10:54 25 Jan 2011

Thanks for your help VoG. I am awaiting a formula from your suggested forum.

  VoG II 19:57 25 Jan 2011

If Aladin can't solve it I doubt there is a formula solution click here

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