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  *mark 23:21 20 Apr 2003

Im looking to buy a cheap fax machine. I dont want to spend silly money, Id rather spend well under a hundred quid.

Im concerned about the ink replacement costs, and Im guessing I should avoid fax's which use rolls of (expensive?) paper !

Should I go for an inkjet, or are ribbon fax's ok ?

Does anyone know a competitive online/offline fax supplier.

Many thanks,


  Forum Editor 00:58 21 Apr 2003

is a Panasonic with a digital messaging system, and it uses a roll of ribbon to print onto plain paper. It never misses a beat, the ribbon lasts for ages, and the messaging system has more options than you can shake a stick at.

There's a phone handset, and the screen displays the inbound caller's number. The personal number store is huge, and there's a scroll wheel so you can shuffle back and forth through the messages.

It cost a bit more than £100, but has been worth every penny of that. I looked at cheaper machines, but they just didn't measure up. In the end I think you appreciate the extra quality long after you've forgotten about paying a bit extra.

The model number is KX-FP320 by the way, but I'm sure there's at least one later model by now - it's about 18 months old.

  kbo64 03:20 21 Apr 2003

G'day Mark,

If it's proper.

I have an inkjet Fax in my Cupboard that I could check over for you, I belive that is sound and in original packageing. It uses Lexmark or like cartridges so is cheap to refill. I've not tried it, but a separate answerphone can be attached.

Best wishes

  -pops- 08:13 21 Apr 2003

Do you need a stand alone Fax machine?

I use an Olitec SmartMemory 56000 modem which has a smartcard included. This will transmit Fax messages via your computer and also receive into its smartcard memory ready for you to download when you wish. An advantage of this is that it's mains powered and can be left switched on to receive Fax messages even when the computer is switched off. You then pick up the messages next time you boot up.

I've had this modem for several years now and I'm sure there are more up to date models have a look: click here (choose the English pages). I've found it very reliable and even though I'm now on broadband, I still keep this modem set up exclusively for Faxing.


  mole44 08:13 21 Apr 2003

if you have a scanner it should have software for it to turn it into a fax/answer machine,there you are i saved you loads of dosh

  FlyingCarpet 08:17 21 Apr 2003

My Samsung inkjet fax is only just ok. The image quality is poor compared to normal inkjet perfomance. What I hate is having to fork out £30 for a new ink cartridge, although to be fair, it lasts quite a while. With running costs in mind, you might want to regiser with the Fax Preference Service. click here This organisation is very effective at stopping the endless stream of junk faxes. It's so frustrating standing watching your fax take 3 minutes to print a page of ringtone offers when what you really wanted was client order to round off the months sales figures


  Coaster3 14:22 21 Apr 2003

I agree with the FE. I too have a Panasonic Fax/answering machine/telephone. It's getting a bit long in the tooth now (about 7 years old) but always works perfectly.

(Maybe I shouldn't have said that!!!)

  Stuartli 15:07 21 Apr 2003

Why not use fax software and a free fax number for yourself such as that provided by Tiscali which converts any fax sent to you into an e-mail?

I still use Windows Messaging, which can be found on the Win95 or Win98 installation disks as wms.exe and awfax.exe

Windows Messaging is laid out in the same manner as Outlook Express and is very easy to use, as is the software to send faxes - you can create your own fax cover sheets in various forms as you wish.

Far easier and much cheaper than buying and maintaining a fax machine.

  *mark 15:36 21 Apr 2003

FE & Coaster3,
If I buy a fax with a combined telephone and/or answerphone can I set it to only behave as a fax machine - ie I need the option of recieving NO voice calls on my fax line ?

How quiet are fax machines in general 'cos this may be an issue when in the middle of the night I recieve a fax from someone overseas in a different time zone. Also, can the ringer be turned off etc so there is silence when a fax is recieved ?

What you suggest sounds like a good idea, 'cos I guess it would be very quiet, take up very little space, and I could save faxes to my hard drive and if required I could print them off on my laser printer. I guess I could allso send directly from my PC, but could I use my Broadband connection to send ? BTW I presume the fax's people send are sent directly to my phone number btw, and not via some email address or online fax service ! I didnt get an idea of the prices from that link you supplied, how much money am I looking at spending for an external fax/modem with its own power supply which can store data even when the PC is swithced off ?

I guess I would have to have my PC turned on 24/7 for your suggestion to work ???

So, you're thinking of selling your fax eh ? What is the manufacturer & model number and could you let me know how old the machine is and the price you are asking, cheers.

I am at last beginning to get to grips with the options at my disposal.

Thanks again for all your postings.

More feedback and advise would be appreciated.


  *mark 15:48 21 Apr 2003

Im very interested in what you've suggested. I run WindowsXP Home and I have a Pipex BroadBand connection. Am I limited to Tiscali or are there other software packages that I could use which allow faxes to be sent to a free phone number supplied by the service co. ?

BTW - I have an 0845 number for the fax line - do you know if I can 'port' this number to the free fax number supplied by the fax software co. ?



  -pops- 16:07 21 Apr 2003

I have my Fax modem plugged into the same line as my broadband connection (the other half of it). It operates as a normal Fax in that it sends and receives via the normal phone line. When the computer is switched off, Faxes are stored in the smartcard until I switch on again and I can then download them at leisure. As I have it set up at the moment, the modem is silent, although it will ring if I want it to. There is no voice phone attached to that line.

Faxes in/out going are automatically stored on the hard drive and addresses/Fax numbers can be stored in a directory.

You cannot send a Fax via broadband unless you use a Fax service like Stuartli says. There are other systems as well. You can, though, use the "other half" of the broadband line as I do (as above). Had this system set up since November 2001 and the same Olitec Fax modem since 1999 (before I had Broadband).


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