Experience with eMachines?

  Dr Rob 13:11 14 Jan 2003
  Dr Rob 13:11 14 Jan 2003

A friend with no computing experience is about to purchase his first Desktop PC and was looking at an eMachine package from PC World. They seem to be aimed at First-timers and all he really wants it for is Word Processing, Web access and copying CD's. Does anybody have any experience with this brand, and if so, would it be appropriate for somebody with no computing experience? Thanks in advance.

  Lú-tzé 14:16 14 Jan 2003

I think that your friend will get a better deal for the long term if he goes to one of the companies like mesh, multivision, evesham etc. He can specify what he wants included - basic (or on-board) graphics, cd-rw, 256 mb RAM etc. As his experience grows, he may need more and will be in a better position to upgrade.

I don't think that one pc is better than another for someone with limited computing experience. He needs a good teacher first of all (which may be where you come in!).

  oresome 20:30 14 Jan 2003

My daughter had one for around 12 months now with no problems. Used for uni work. Mainly word processing and internet.

CD Tray feels / sounds a little harsh when moving but works OK

Bundled Epson C42 printer feels / sounds much the same as the CD tray.

Bundled scanner does all thats required of it.

Monitor purchased separately.......TFT from Macro

If only she'd use it rather than mine! (Mine has ink and paper which is a definite advantage when your money is better spent on phone cards)

  shifty 11:08 15 Jan 2003

We have two e-machines within the family, the first a 600mhz purchased in October 2000 and it's still going superbly without a single hi-cup. The only thing we've ever done is upgrade the memory. Compared with prices of similar specked machines they are good. Well recomended, infact planning to upgrade the daughters computer in the next six months and it will no doubt be an e-machine.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:23 15 Jan 2003

Emachine ar good, reliable computers. I've just bought (not for me) the 12th. computer from PCW in the last 13 months and 2 of them have been emachines.

Your friend may care to look at the Medions (2.8Ghz, 48x CD writer etc. etc.) that PCW are flogging now. At £799 they may be out of budget but have an excellent performance and spec.click here

May I advise them to not take up PCWs offer of a 3/5 year warranty. ;-))


  Stuartli 11:49 15 Jan 2003

Morgan Computers and similar vendors sell refurbished e-Machines at very keen prices.

click here

  instant^mash 12:32 15 Jan 2003

My machine has an E on it, I bought it Oct.2001 for £850 from PCW.

All in all I've been very pleased with it, only recently any probs + that related to a gfx card driver.

The only oddity I ever encountered was a COMPLETE lack of any support info. on any E-machines site regarding my model - emachines 730...not even mentioned once, not even a differently named model with the same specs!



  Dr Rob 17:51 15 Jan 2003

Thanks to everybody for the info. We're going to go have a look on Sat.

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