email handling on two machines - what would you do

  montyburns 17:25 04 Jun 2005

Just set up a wireless network on laptop and PC (thanks to all on here who helped!)

I've migrated all my email accounts to the laptop, but intend to continue using this and the PC for receiving emails. I want to use the PC as the main location and thus be able to receive and store everything on there.

I am guessing that the best bet is to set the accounts to "leave messages on server" for "x days". Which will mean I can collect emails on there and on the laptop? And that they will ALL be delivered to and kept on the PC (for future reference)

Hmmm. Confusing myself now. Assuming I want to make sure I don;t miss anything on the PC, is the best bet to have the above settings UNTICKED on the PC, but ticked on the laptop (no worried about having them all on there)?

Also, did some test messages and noticed I got them three times. I have my own domain which points to my email address. My email address (for the sake of this [email protected]) also appears separately in my accounts. I can understand why, if I'm keeping them on the server, I will get them twice. Do I need to have this separate account? I also note that I have [email protected] which I assume is effectively the same account yet again?! I guess I don't really need this either? I don't think I added these - must have been put there when I created the original account and then when Wanadoo took over Freeserve?

Thanks as always for any help!


  palinka 19:17 04 Jun 2005

yes, "leave messages on the server" for "X days" is the answer; that's what I did and it works fine. Probably only tick on one , but you could try both and see if it's useful. As for whether you need to have a separate account, I'd say that depends on whether you WANT two accounts (eg. one you keep for work, one for family & friends?) I've always found that too much trouble, but it's up to you.

  Fellsider 19:35 04 Jun 2005

Why not access the e-mails online on the laptop that way you don't actually download them. You can then download on the PC to preserve them.

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