EMachine Problem

  Cobber 13:29 18 Oct 2005

Friends EMachine crashing etc, etc.
Thought I would reformat and load XP (a legal copy) Bios changed to CD boot.
Seemed to go smoothly initally but the went into an endless loop saying I had two operating systems on the c drive (even after reformatting!!).
Tried a different HD with same effect.
The bios gives an option of Win 95, Win 98/Win 2000 and 'other'(whatever that may be)
Tried all but failed again.
Reformatted HD with DOS - no help.
Am I missing something or are the motherboards somehow designed to prevent my actions or is XP a no-no for these machines?
Any observations and help much appreciated.

  SGT [email protected] 13:56 18 Oct 2005

it probably because its got a hidden partition that will reload windows from a restore disk , you need to fdisk it then format it , or in my case when i had 1 years ago , fdisk it 3 times then format it.

  Taff36 14:11 18 Oct 2005

Which e-machine have you got? I`ve dealt with three of these in recent months - two of which I reinstalled from their discs. There is an e-machines oriented website - I presume it was originally bought from PC World?

  Cobber 14:39 18 Oct 2005

Thanks to you both.
If there is a hidden partition why should it exhibit the same behaviour with another pristine HD that has never been near an EMachine?

Machine is an 'eMonster 866Mhz dvd' not sure where it was purchased.
It is very spartan inside so PC World might be right! Would appreciate details of any forums that deal with the Es.

I still have a gut feel it may be the Mobo.


  Taff36 15:06 18 Oct 2005

Hope this link works click here={2fc18d17-b168-4655-af1b-1a6a9c3fa92b}&CatID={48fd4a9c-cdb1-4df0-907b-c9b3c8a32e96} Is this the one?

  Taff36 15:16 18 Oct 2005

Blast! Not Quite. Go to PC Support and from the drop down list choose the e-machines then select the model etc. You`ll end up with all the info. Windows ME isn`t it?

I think that there was a hidden partition and that was "Tattooed" to the original computer so I`m not sure how to get round that. I had to get an Engineer out to Tattoo a Packard Bell machine that needed a new HDD fitted under warranty. I`ll ask around.

  Taff36 15:41 18 Oct 2005

The suggestion is to get a bios upgrade. It`s probably no good getting one from this site but find one from the manufacturers site - you`ll get the info about the current manufacturer from the BIOS itself or from the motherboard details.

  Cobber 16:27 18 Oct 2005

When you say tattooed does that mean the mobo and HD are indelibly linked? If so that would explain the reluctance of the beast to accept another HD.I may have to ditch the mobo and start again but I hate to admit defeat.
Will investigate bios upgrade - might this remove the tatto I wonder?
Does anyone know whether there are any forums relating to EMachines?
Thanx m8 much appreciated.

(If you come across more info would be obliged)

  jack 17:45 18 Oct 2005

Many Proprietry machines now are so built around dedicated items such as MoBo's and 'Tatooed' HDD
they are vertually un modifiable/ubgradable.
All you can do is reurn it to supplier and pay the price.

  Cobber 20:32 18 Oct 2005

I suspect this one cost no more than £40 to build! so no way is it going back. I will persevere...
Thanks for help

  Taff36 21:24 18 Oct 2005

Post on this thread the BIOS details and the Motherboard details. I think that if we "flash" the BIOS with an upgrade (Let`s face it, it`s old but serviceable) it will forget who owns it. Then your new HDD will work.

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