eMachine - No Boot but Power ON

  Taff™ 11:26 10 Jul 2006

Mate`s eMachine 620 about three years old. Wouldn`t shut down so he turned it off with the power button. It wouldn`t even power up this morning but I`ve changed the PSU and now we have the LED`s on the box and keyboard all flashing but still no boot up sequence. What do I eliminate next?

  recap 13:10 10 Jul 2006

Check to make sure all internal connections are good.

The try booting into "safe mode".

  Taff™ 13:25 10 Jul 2006

I`ve replaced the CPU so all the power connections have been checked and I`ve replaced the CMOS Battery, Checked the Video card seating, memory feels firm (Tried in second socket too)and all ribbon cables. Removed the hard drive and slaved that to my laptop in a caddy - Looks OK.

There is no POST check and therefore I can`t get into safe mode. If the Power Supply was Faulty could it have conceivably killed the CPU or the Motherboard?

  Taff™ 08:59 11 Jul 2006


  Taff™ 15:04 11 Jul 2006

Quick update and running out of ideas!

I`ve disconnected all the drives (Optical and HDD) On power up by switching on at the back of the computer the CPU fan starts and the keyboard light flash continuously as before. The front power button again is flashing but holding it in for 5 seconds doesn`t cut the power as it should do. Any suggestions to narrow it down?

  Taff™ 15:13 12 Jul 2006

Having left the thing for 24 hours I thought I`d try and find a manual for the motherboard a Trigem Alaska3. Found these:

click here click here click here There`s one bit at the top of the page and another one at the bottom. All suggests it`s a known issue with the 620 model and the Alaska3 motherboard.

Unless someone has any brilliant suggestions I`m going to advise my mate that he should scrap it. Replacing the PSU will cost him £25, Then the motherboard £45, then the CPU £50 - all plus labour. Who knows at which point it recovers? He`d be better off putting the money towards a new system.

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