grove34 16:34 25 Jan 2003

my dads pc needs a bios update.

its an emachine emonster 750.

thenly info i've got from the machine is as follows:

Motherboard Properties
Motherboard ID 31571.EM.0000.D.0009051613
Motherboard Name Unknown

Front Side Bus Properties
Bus Type Intel GTL+
Bus Width 64-bit
Real Clock 100 MHz
Effective Clock 100 MHz
Bandwidth 800 MB/s

Chipset Bus Properties
Bus Type Intel Hub Interface
Bus Width 8-bit
BIOS Properties
BIOS Type Phoenix
System BIOS Date 09/05/00
Video BIOS Date 02/19/01

BIOS Manufacturer
Company Name Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Product Information click here

Problems & Suggestions
Suggestion System BIOS is more than 2 years old. Update it if necessary.

i've tried going to the phoenix website but that needs the motherboard manufacturer ,which i dont know, thers nothing on the board to tell me what it is.

can anybody help and make the old bloke happy

  Lú-tzé 17:15 25 Jan 2003

Try a prog like aida - it will give you all the info you need. click here to get it.

  ellas 19:43 25 Jan 2003

do you really need it read here about phoenix and oem click here

  grove34 22:35 25 Jan 2003


thats where i got the info from.


reason i need to update is cos the bios is saying that the temp on the cpu is 94 degrees

  grove34 22:36 25 Jan 2003

94 degrees c that is

  Lú-tzé 22:50 25 Jan 2003

grove34 - try Belarc advisor then - it might be more helpful.

Seems that you are on 94 degrees C, then maybe you need a new fan or something.

Sorry I can't be more specific.

  grove34 23:05 25 Jan 2003

i've tried belarc and that give less info.

fans brand new and cools up to 3ghz and the chip is only a p3 750

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