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  Steven135 17:28 18 Jan 2004

Be grateful for some opinions as to the quality and reliability of PC World's range of e-machines and who makes them.


  jerichobob 17:42 18 Jan 2004

I'm typing this on a 3 year old e-machine bought from PC World - Intel Celeron 733Mhz!!! - and the only thing that has gone wrong was due to the RAM when I upgraded it. The new memory stick was faulty. The engineer just took it out and the machine was fine again. Obviously they are built to a price and the component spec isn't top notch. But decide what you want to use it for what your budget is first. If you don't need state of the art kit, and aren't into serious gaming, then an e-machine could very well make sense.
Having said all that, there are some great deals on other systems out there. Get hold of one of this months computer mags and trawl through the ads to see what I mean.
Good luck with whatever you buy.


  Steven135 18:01 18 Jan 2004

jerichobob, thanks I have an Evesham machine which is only a few months old my enquiry in on behalf of someone who would like to buy off the shelf they have around £700 to spend and are not likely to use the machine for gaming but mostly for e-mail, word processing and plenty of personalised cards.

Do you know who makes the machines for PC World?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:02 18 Jan 2004

I have bought about 9 E-machines for Estate Agents and they have all proved reliable and well-built. IIRC, they are made in China but then so was silk, gunpowder, currency and paper, so it should not put you off. ;-))) They have some similarities with teh Compaqs ;-))).


  Q-Bie 20:09 18 Jan 2004

AFAIK e-machines are made for us by e-machines themselves, they are not our own brand, those are Advent.

e-machines were quite a big name in the US at one point I understand (at least thats what all the marketing blurb said when we started to sell them).

Ah, I just remember, I'm sure I've seen on the back of a couple of e-Machines "Manufactured by Trigem".

Hope this helps.

  shifty 20:49 18 Jan 2004

Purchased an E machine for my Dad over twelve months ago and it's steaming on without a hic-up and a friend got one about three months ago and is well impressed with the quality and spec.

  BrianW 22:23 18 Jan 2004

He got the emachines 820, Pentium 4 (2.6 from memory) with 512 ram, cd-r DVD drive etc. 17 inch TFT and the whole lot was around £800 in the sale.

It went together like a dream and he was up and running in a very short time. Dog with two tails job as his earlier machine was w95 and very aged.

Another neighbour I "helpdesk" now and then has a 3 year old machine. Her only problems have been caused by her 14 year old grandson beggaring about with the programmes and loading all sorts of nonsense form the web. The machine is as solid as a rock.

So, nothing but good words from me,


  hugo8 23:38 18 Jan 2004

This time last year I bought a 370 e-machine 1.8GHz intel celeron, 60G hard drive and 256mb DDR. It's OS is XP home, I use it daily and I never had any bother with it. As BrianW says it's as soild as a rock.
You can pick up a higher spec machine now for about £700 (620 e-machine).

  Steven135 00:03 19 Jan 2004

Thanks all very reassuring looks like a trip to PC World.

  Forum Editor 01:39 19 Jan 2004

to the pile........

I set up a network in a clinic a couple of weeks back - using eight of these machines. They're purring along happily so far, using MS Word, Excel (heavily), some clinic management software and email.

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