E- machines

  gfergie 11:45 27 May 2009

I have been recommended a graphics card for my e-machines E3038 PC but Novatach tell me that it must have at least 350w power to run this card.
Ihave searched all over the machine, looked on the internet and everywhere I can think of but nowhere can I find the wattage.
Can anyone help.I was told to use CPU-Z but that does not tell me the wattage.

  howard64 12:17 27 May 2009

some cards have a power socket on them and your power supply must have that special plug. Normally the power supply unit itself has a power rating on it. If not note the maker and details of the psu and look it up on the makers site.

  gfergie 12:36 27 May 2009

What is a psu

  AndySD 12:38 27 May 2009

I cant find it either, you may want to take the side off the pc and look on the PSU to see if it says there.

  ambra4 12:38 27 May 2009

PSU = Power Supply Unit

  AndySD 12:43 27 May 2009

Power Suply Unit looks like click here

  gfergie 13:38 27 May 2009

Guess I will have to do that.

  keef66 14:10 27 May 2009

It is a bit of a design flaw. Virtually every psu will have all the useful information on a label which is completely invisible when the thing is installed in a computer case.
Unplug the power cord from the back of the psu, take off the left hand side panel. If you cannot see a label like the one in AndySD's pic you will then need to remove the 4 screws which secure the psu to the back of the case to get the thing out. Make sure you support it while you do this otherwise it could fall down and snap things off the motherboard. You should be able to leave all the cables connected inside the pc. You should find a very informative label on top of the thing.

  gfergie 14:31 27 May 2009

The spec I have on my e3038 states that it has a
PCI-E x16 slot available so would it not be safe to assume that (as the ATI Raedon HD4650 card recommended by Novatech says in the spec that it fits into a PCI-E x16 slot) it would have suitable power to operate it?

  keef66 23:03 27 May 2009

not neccessarily; some cards require one or two additional power connectors directly from the psu, the PCI-express slot can only supply so much.

Having said that, the 4650 isn't especially power hungry so would probably be OK

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