e-machine 5210 fan

  collinsc 11:45 20 Mar 2010


As per my previous post my dads fan on his e-machine 5210 is not working, where can i find a replacement?
This is the fan at the back and at the top.


  MAJ 12:13 20 Mar 2010

Hi collinsc, if you're going to fefer to another post, please provide a link. As to the fan, there are quite a few places you can buy them from but you haven't given any info on the fan other than to say, "This is the fan at the back and at the top". Usually the PSU is at the back and at the top, so is it the PSU fan? Is the PC powering up?

  collinsc 12:26 20 Mar 2010

hi. link is here:
click here

It is powering up and seems to be working fine.

  MAJ 12:38 20 Mar 2010

Can you post a picture of it and it's surroundings?

  collinsc 13:10 20 Mar 2010

MAJ - yes, ill do that, might be in the week.

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