DVD player through a TV/Video Combi..(Macrovision)

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:32 30 May 2004

I know this isn't about a pc, but most PCs have a DVD drive and you guys are a smart bunch so on that basis maybe you can help.

We have bought my youngest daughter a cheap (£25!!) dvd player from Richer sounds for her bedroom.

I half suspected there might be a problem as I have heard about this thing called Macrovision which is a copyright system to prevent copying of DVD to Video.

The problem is that I can't get anything but a monochrome picture on her Philips tv/video combi unit. I have tried the DVD player on another TV and it is fine so I suspect Macrovision is to blame.

Anyone have any idea how to defeat this (I promise not to make 1000's of pirate videos) I know that there are some player 'hacks' that overcome this but I can't find one for this machine (a Tedelex TE-118)

Any help would be much appreciated.

ps I have contacted Richer Sounds and Philips but no joy.

  Mikè 12:00 30 May 2004

Are you using just a standard scart to scart lead?

  SEASHANTY 12:20 30 May 2004

You could try this one
click here

  Mikè 12:28 30 May 2004

Don't think it's a macrovision issue, but more likely a video format (s-video/composite) problem.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 13:00 30 May 2004


Yes a standard (I think) scart to scart lead. As I said, it works fine using this lead to a normal TV.

Both Philips and Richer Sounds confirmed my suspicions by pointing at Macrovision as the likely culprit. Richer Sounds were very helpful and gave a few alternatives but none of these worked.


Thanks for the link - I think I will contact them - although it seems a nonsense to spend almost as much on the cable as the player - if it works it will be worth it.

  Mikè 13:04 30 May 2004

The usual symptom if Macrovision when the problem is brightness fluctuation.

  Mikè 13:29 30 May 2004

If Macrovision is the problem, the usual symptoms are brightness fluctuations.

  Mikè 14:01 30 May 2004

Get another dvd player and try it.

  SEASHANTY 15:11 30 May 2004

As you are transferring video from one device to another it is most likely to be macrovision copyright affecting the signals. This causes brightness fluctuations to the signal and sometimes
switching to B&W. The Philips TV/Video will almost
certainly be covered by macrovision. It will not let
you input DVD thru a video recorder equipped system.

  SEASHANTY 17:07 30 May 2004

Dunno if the device from Sonel works or not. They have, however, been in business quite a while. Price
has remained the same. Maplin also had one at the same price but were forced to stop selling it. The
device from Techtronics.com is around £30 or £40.
Haven't checked the latter for some time tho' as their website is very busy and takes ages to load -
even on 600k BB.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 12:18 01 Jun 2004

I am more than a little sheepish to make this post but I think I ought to do it.

Turns out the machine default setup was for NTSC - and I couldn't find this because when I fired it up I had a dvd in the player which for some reason affects the menu options shown.

Anyway - Richer sounds came to the rescue (maybe this is a common 'problem with the player') - changed it to PAL and all systems go.

Many thanks to Mikè and Seashanty for taking the time to help me out.

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