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  imzy 12:28 22 Apr 2004

Hi All.

I have been asked to buy a new computer for my nephew (bad idea, i know) and have been looking around for the best deal. He is only 13 yaers old so I don't think he need a top of the range machine.

They have given me quite a wide birth on how much I can spend but they want a good reliable system (No preasure then).

I am wondering if it is best to spend as much money as you can afford on a top notch system or if a cheaper system suits your needs is it best to go for the cheaper option.

I bought quite an expensive Evesham 2 years ago and it has not given me any trouble. I am thinking about the Evesham in PC Advisors Superbudget catagory fo him but is it really worth it? Are there any other good manufacturers that are cheaper but offer the same excellent service as Evesham? Are there any good, safe options to be found on Ebay? I know I have asked a lot of questions bou at this point my brain is frazzled and I really need some outside advice!!

Any help greatly appreciated.


  cycoze 13:46 22 Apr 2004

I think the first thing you have to think about , is what is your Nephew going to do with it ? if gaming is likely you will want to look at something with a half decent graphics card for starters.

  rickimalone 14:05 22 Apr 2004

After loads of problems with mother in-laws PC I have decided to build her one, its preety much learn as I go using a wide range of websites and hopefully this formum help.......

She really wants it for broadband,storing digital picture's, word processing making music cd'd and enough power to be able to cope for the next few years incase she takes up any new PC hobbies...........

The main software will be Windows XP HE and Norton Anti Virus and Office 2000..

So far i've come up with a list with prices::

Aries 300w atx tower 7 bays = 39.99 @ maplins

ASUS A7V8X-X Socket A = 43.51 @ DABS

AMD 2500+(Barton) including heatsink,fan = 64.04 @ savastore

512MB PC2700 = 44.59 @ savastore

40GB Samsung udma 100 7200rpm HD = 39.89 @ savastore

Sony CDRW/DVD combi drive = 31.67 @ savastore

Radeon 9200se 128mb = 35.19 @ savastore

3.5inc floppy drive = already got

monitor 15inc crt = already got

Microsoft keyboard/mouse = already got

This is about as far as ive got so far hardware is £298.88 and i still need to buy Windows OEM and Norton OEM(looking for best price)...

Im still not 100% sure about how much cable etc and what tools I need to buy. I have a static wrist band and mat and thats it........

Please if anyone thinks of anything to add or a link that might help me it would be much appreciated, this is my first time doing anything like this and there is no rush it's as much about learning and enjoying building it for me, as it is about the end result for mother in-law...........

  rickimalone 14:07 22 Apr 2004


  byfordr 14:58 22 Apr 2004

Something like click here £700 worth upgrading to works suite imho for +£30 (help the homework) Everything you need, will be fast for a long time (No TFT , flatscreen) + support from Davey of Mesh ;-)

What ever you do buy a student version of MS Office (£86inc vat click here 10271141)
Works suite includes encartia or try britannia £13 click here

Have a trawl through evesham, mesh and dells websites

Whats the maximum budget/what are you looking to spend?


  imzy 21:04 22 Apr 2004

Sorry goys.

I had to go to work so was unable to respond until now.

Well, my maximum budget is adout £700 at the most, and would be willing to spend this much if they got a good machine, but the have nudged abd winked me which means they would rather I spent less than this. As I said, the Evesham system looks amazing, and I have an Evesham so I know they are good systems but can I jesify the cost?

Any help greatly appreciared.


  Totally-braindead 21:32 22 Apr 2004

A 13 year old will definatly want to play some of the latest games so getting a PC at the sub £500 mark is probably not an option. SInce you like your Evesham note down the price and the spec and have a look about. Try Dell as well and maybe have a look at click here they let you build your own PC on line and alter parts etc and their prices are quite good. Never bought a PC from Novatech but bought a lot of parts and never had a problem with them.

  imzy 22:18 22 Apr 2004

Dell do seem to have some good offers on just now (free periphirals, free delivery, 5 per cent discount) but are they any ggod? I know they are a big company but big doesn't nescerally mean better. Are all these offers just a smoke screen fo a bad system?

Ant help greatly appreciated?


  Gaz 25 22:45 22 Apr 2004

Computers these days have a high chance of faling.

The amount of probelms I see is overwhelming.

However for a good system you have to pay good money.

  accord 23:06 22 Apr 2004

If your nephew wants to play the latest games how about a PS2 or XBox ????

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