downloading stupid java virtual machine!!

  Hachi-Roku 04:03 01 Apr 2003

hi! everytime i need to go on chat sites or play games on yahoo for example, it comes up with a pop up box saying that i need to download java virtual machine! everytime i click the download button, it takes me to the microsoft windows update site and its just not there! it just redirects me to download loads of other things like security updates which of course i should download but i just dont want to since it would take ages on my pathetic little 56k connection. i mean i have to download like 59mbs worth of updates and i just dont want to! i just want the stupid little java virtual machine! what i would like to know is there a place where i can download java virtual machine in like one file or something! i run a windows xp with sp1 system as well! thanks in advance!

  yozzer1 04:56 01 Apr 2003
  anchor 09:34 01 Apr 2003

The Microsoft version of Java virtual machine can be downloaded from here:

click here

  €dstow 09:42 01 Apr 2003

There is nothing stupid about Java VM. If it were stupid, Bill Gates wouldn't have got his knickers in such a twist about it and banned it from his systems.


  anchor 17:04 01 Apr 2003

You may also need to enable "JIT compiler for virtual machine" in Internet options/advanced.

Check that this is ticked; if not, tick it and re-boot.

You can see if your installation of Java is working OK, by clicking here:

click here

If the picture revolves, then all is well.

  leo49 17:10 01 Apr 2003

Like your pics,anchor. That's a neat bit of software.


  anchor 19:55 01 Apr 2003


Glad you like the pics. They were made with "PixMaker" from a series of overlapping images taken on my digital camera. A great programme. I modified the HTML code to make the display almost full screen, and added some music.

Lots more here:

click here

The Pixmaker site is here:

click here

  david4637 14:40 02 Apr 2003

IE5.5 SP2 View/Java Console displays the following -
Microsoft (R) VM for Java, 5.0 Release
I think the above is as a result of Downloading msjavx86.exe so I could access an Internet savings account
There are a number options like -
? help
c clear
f run finalizers
g garbage collect
m memory usage
q quit
t thread list
What do these do?
I am supposed to check the Java Control Panel – but I can not find it?
What is a Java Virtual Machine – I do not understand the java site terminology?
I tried looking at this web site click here but no graphic is displayed.
Some simple explanations would be much appreciated. Thanks David

  €dstow 14:49 02 Apr 2003
  anchor 14:55 02 Apr 2003


Check this: Open Internet Explorer and click on "Tools" on the top bar. Scroll down to the bottom "Internet Options" and click. A new pane will oprn,and you will see across the top 7 tabs. Click on "Advanced". Scroll down the list, (about half way), until you see the entry "JIT complier for virtual machine enabled". Make sure this has a tick against it. Click apply, then OK. Close and re-boot your PC. Try the java picture site again

click here

If this does not work, try re-installing the Java virtual machine.

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