Do you think the Apple brand will start to decline now Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO?

  PC Advisor 16:10 25 Aug 2011
  David Price 16:14 25 Aug 2011

Today it was revealed that Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple.

Do you think the Apple brand will start to decline now Steve Jobs has stepped down as CEO?

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  bremner 16:49 25 Aug 2011


  Al94 17:34 25 Aug 2011


  Forum Editor 17:36 25 Aug 2011

As I've said in another thread, Apple has grown great on innovation. The company is famous for its 'object of desire' development strategies, and - so far - there have been more successes than failures. What will happen, now that Steve Jobs has announced he's to step down as Apple's CEO is that the company will go on doing what it does.

Whether it will do so with quite the same sense of style remains to be seen,

  morddwyd 20:06 25 Aug 2011

And as I also said in another thread they need less litigation and more licensing.

Steve Jobs was very restrictive and litigatious.

When (not if) Apple start to lose their worldwide "object of desire" cachet (which I think will be sooner rather than later now that he's gone) their innovative designers and engineers may think their ideas will get more worldwide acclaim with a less restrictive company.

  Forum Editor 20:13 25 Aug 2011

"Steve Jobs was very restrictive and litigatious."

Without him Apple got into serious difficulties, and it was only when he returned to the company that it began to turn around. There's nothing wrong with wanting to protect your intellectual property, or safeguard your patents from infringement - lots of companies do it all the time.

Apple has a very strong management and development team - Steve Jobs saw to it - and that should carry it through. Steve will be missed, but Apple will continue.

  bremner 20:37 25 Aug 2011

Why do Apple need "less litigation and more licensing"

They are one of the most profitable companies in the world. I would think they would be happy with more of the same.

Steve Jobs as Chairman will undoubtedly continue to have input into Apple's creative designs for as long as he possible can so I see no likelihood of change anytime soon.

  morddwyd 07:39 26 Aug 2011

"Why do Apple need "less litigation and more licensing""

Because, as I said, I believe, only my opinion of course, they will "start to lose their worldwide "object of desire" cachet".

Sony lost their innovative reputation and simply joined the run of the mill electronic companies because they were so restrictive with their patents.

The iPhone accounts for nearly 50% of Apple's stock value.

That's a hell of a lot of eggs in one basket, particularly if, though it's unlikely, they start losing patent infringement cases.

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