Dead pixel Apple G4

  PeterPaul 12:47 17 Apr 2003

The monitor on a newly-purchased Apple G4 1Gz has a visible dead pixel or pixels on the display.

Both the retailer and Apple technical support say it is their policy not to replace machines with one dead pixel.

Can they sustain this position legally?

Would one dead pixel be as visible (and as irritating!) as this one is?

Have I any redress?


  moore_mat 12:55 17 Apr 2003


In my experience, monitor makers always set a minimum threshold before they will consider a monitor faulty. I've seen it time and again (originally with laptops) where there are perhaps only 2 pixles gone. So we'd phone the manufacturer only to be told there needs to be a certain amount WITHIN a certain area before they declare it faulty.. You could try taking it back to where you bought it and trying to sweet talk the customer services dept, but there isn't any official redress. Unfortunately every manufacturer has different policies and they aren't very well known unless you are put in this situation.

Sorry it doesn't look more positive...

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  PeterPaul 12:59 17 Apr 2003

Thanks moore_mat - that's what I was afraid of!


  Tog 13:20 17 Apr 2003

Have a look at these Ts&Cs, about half way down the page you'll find the allowable defect for each standard. click here

  Tog 13:22 17 Apr 2003

there are also guidelines for CRTs

  PeterPaul 16:46 17 Apr 2003

Thanks, Tog. That gives me an objective standard to argue with.


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