Darksiding On The Mac

  Crosstrainer2 19:11 01 Oct 2011

....Whew, I need a breathe of sanity after a day on the international Darkside. Dealing with certain individuals there can be hard work to say the least. People who think that all Apple products are "Fake" unless they are made, assembled and ,asked "Cupertino" Is just one I've dealt with today.

He is actually taking back a brand new Macbook Air because it states "Made In China"

Help.....I can't return to Windows, but these people are driving me nut's

Moral is DON'T ever accept an invitation to be a Moderator ANYWHERE. I do 2 sites now, and the look and feel is SO different from local friendly places like home....errr I mean here.


  wiz-king 19:22 01 Oct 2011

Oh. I thought you were trying to fake over while the FE is in darkest Africa.

  Crosstrainer2 19:31 01 Oct 2011

No No a thousand times NO...Actually, if any of my old friends would like to SEE what it's like over there, then just join up, it's free, full of idiots (for example I could not post like this for fear of upsetting someone) and a smattering of decent grown up folk.

But I'm afraid they are in the minority. The demographic is mid 29's and with a world wide attendance / membership it's like being a father again, only to children who really don't seem to have any grasp of humanity.

It's an insight....Really.

12 hours there and I'm thinking about buying a PC :))

Now where is my pipe? Slippers?


  Crosstrainer2 19:45 01 Oct 2011

New tactic. Haven't tried this before, have my admin window open on the mac side of things, and flip between here (Sanity) and there....Whatever.

Planet Rock on live stream to my DTS..........Now the neighbours will be in attendance too! :))

  Crosstrainer2 19:56 01 Oct 2011

If anybody IS actually thinking of having a little look at Macrumours you will find me under the name of Macman45.

Covert ops are acceptable so join, create a basic profile, and then PM me. Watch as I struggle to cope with Americanism, as I crash and burn errr...No just join I need allies!

  rdave13 20:13 01 Oct 2011

Crosstrainer2, you don't half pick 'em. Even after a bout of bad illness, helping with the wonderful Microsoft Windows Woes you decide to go 'over' to the over inflated Apppppple (it unnerves me so much I cant speak of it ) and then you moderate to clients owning expensive computers and it's driving you, umm, slightly irritated.

Come back to ordinary folk, who have common sense, they see their money working fairly efficiently with Windows. [Cough]

Please no mention of Linux.

  Crosstrainer2 20:20 01 Oct 2011

Let me give you an example of what I'm up against...Direct quote 30 seconds ago:

Sometimes when I don't angle a disc in properly it hits something in the SuperDrive and doesn't go in. Its like there's something blocking it or the drive isn't even with the slot. It works and reads discs fine. I just have to angle it right to go in. I just didn't know if anyone else had this problem and what I should do?[/QUOTE]

And my reply posted back later was: Put the disc in properly...Sorry that is a no brainer.

Life is the only game in town so why am I here all the time?

  rdave13 20:27 01 Oct 2011

What can you say? Maybe next time suggest that the housekeeper dusts the Apppppple (shiver) properly! ;)

  Crosstrainer2 20:44 01 Oct 2011


Join up help me!!! I love my Apple stuff but that is a small example of what I'm up against here....Wonder how Peter would fair? Being a Mod on an International site with a younger Demographic has been a real eye opener.

I think I have realised I Am getting old: A new one for you but I'd like you to provide your answer to the Question.

Best place to watch the Apple iPhone Event? I sadly wont be able to watch the Apple event if they live stream it like the previous years-So does anyone recall when the event was posted online (hrs), and who posted it first; eg engadget, Apple youtube channel,Apple.com etc...?

The event is at 1pm where I live so do you think at 4pm I should be able to watch it? I know the event is usually 1-2hrs long

Any info is appreciated

And I will provide mine afterwards.

  Crosstrainer2 21:01 01 Oct 2011

This is the insane drivel i am up against, and I'm not surprised you on the sane side would not venture in.

Thing is that the kit is superb, and I really don't miss Windows one little bit. It's the culture of idiots it encompasses Ho Hum.

  rdave13 21:13 01 Oct 2011

The kit is 'superb' then quit as the Mod. No alternative really? At least here you get serious questions with serious replies, right or wrong, but all in trying to be helpful. Otherwise keep your cool and take a slightly cynical look at life and tag along and give the answers expected..dude. ugh.

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