Cost of iPad plus app's

  Dragon_Heart 16:25 03 Mar 2011

Firstly let me say I do not own an iPad .

I run a web based forum / information site for parents of children who have autism and one article I posted concerned an iPad application that studies found greatly helped many of those children with autism.

Now a quick search on the web found a 'basic' iPad for about £365. The app' is called Proloquo2Go and is currently available for £110.

You can get other app's considerably cheaper $10 + and Proloquo2Go can be tried out for free for a limited time. I accept the market for these app's are possibly limited but I do have some concerns.

Autism is what's called a spectrum disorder which basically means the person who has autism can range from non verbal, basic sounds to someone with great intelligence / IQ … but may not, for example, be able to tie their shoes laces. One concern is that the iPad is not the most rugged piece of IT kit.

My other major concern is the price / success of the app's. Whilst this may work wonders for one individual it may not make one iota of difference to another.

Parents of those with autism mostly want to do the best for their children. It is know many go into debt attempting to help and educate them in even the most basic ( for those without autism ) functions and would try / buy anything that might help their child.

The bottom line is are these app's too costly without any guarantee of success ?

  bremner 16:52 03 Mar 2011

Only the person making this purchase can answer your questions.

For many £110 is a great deal of money to be spent on something that may not work. On the other hand for others it is a gamble worth taking.

Consultation with experts in Autism such as the National Autistic Society regarding the success rate with this software is an obvious way forward.

My wife is a teaching assitant with special responsibility for two autistic children and her view is that an iPad would be fragile for her charges but makes the point that this would not be the case for other autistic children.

  ams4127 21:44 03 Mar 2011

I am fortunate enough to own an ipad 16GB WiFi model. It is the cheapest and cost me £429 just before Christmas. I read today that the price had been cut by £100 because of the ipad2 release.

It is a fairly robust piece of kit with the casing being made from aluminium rather than plastic. Having said that, I wouldn't like to kick it around the room too much!!

I would be more than happy to install and test Proloquo2Go (free trial) for you. However my knowledge of Autism is limited and I would not know how to judge the app's performance or whether it would suit you.

Do please let me know if I can be of any help.

  Forum Editor 23:54 03 Mar 2011

and test, and there's no guarantee of a return. That's the reason that some specialised applications seem to be disproportionately expensive - they are selling into a very limited market sector.

There's no guarantee of success with anything - there's a judgement to be made when deciding whether to buy or not. Proloquo2Go might seem reasonably expensive, but it's far cheaper than buying a dedicated AAC device, and the person using it has the added advantage of walking around with an iPhone or iPad, which brings a considerable measure of street cred into the equation.

  Dragon_Heart 01:15 04 Mar 2011

Thank you for your kind offer but one of my forum members has already done so.

It appears to work great for her son BUT it's the price that's putting her off hence my post.

  Dragon_Heart 01:26 04 Mar 2011

You clearly have NO idea what you're talking about !

Proloquo2Go is not a 'game' it helps with everyday life skills.

Many of those with autism have limited social skills so 'street cred' does not even enter their minds.

" the reason that some specialised applications seem to be disproportionately expensive - they are selling into a very limited market sector " I HAVE ALREADY SAID THAT IN MY ORIGINAL POST !

As you get your wages via the industry I feel you are unable to offer an unbias opinion.

  Condom 02:23 04 Mar 2011

Count to ten and then start again

  tullie 04:28 04 Mar 2011

Yet another dig at FE for expressing his opinion.How to win friends and influence people.

  gazzaho 07:13 04 Mar 2011

It appears to work great for her son BUT it's the price that's putting her off hence my post.

If this is the case, my question would be, how much would he gain and how long would he benifit from using the software? The same question applies to all expensive software. For instance, would it be worth buying MS Office 2010 to write the occasional letter or find a free alternative?

If he may gain a lot of benefit over time then the outlay would be worth the high price tag.

  Dragon_Heart 20:30 04 Mar 2011

Tried that and got the 'T' shirt thanks C'

'tullie' I am sure the people who make up the 'FE' team have broad shoulders ! IF, and I say IF, the FE did know anything about autism they would not have said what they said. Unless they were attempting to have a dig at me but I count that out as it is unprofessional !

If you know nothing or very little about a subject you keep quiet ... like the old saying "Better to keep silent and just let people think you're a fool than open your" etc. etc. Mind you I have had that said to me once or twice :-)

  Dragon_Heart 20:45 04 Mar 2011

THAT'S the dilemma !

The benefit COULD last them a lifetime and help them lead a semi independent life. One that I agree with gazzaho but …

It could be a complete waste of money OR the initial outlay is too costly for the family. The FE was correct when they said the iPad set up it's far cheaper than buying a dedicated AAC ( Augmentative Alternative Communication ) device but it's the initial outlay that could be a drawback to families.

Perhaps a new way of 'buying' software is required … like you get specialist toy libraries you could have specialist software available to loan

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