Connecting PC to Mac; Firewall Problems

  01chris 20:51 18 May 2006

I have an XP home machine connected to an imac via crossover cable. If I use the "connect to server" option in OSX and have the firewall enabled on Xp the mac won't connect. However if I disable the firewall it will connect, I'm not happy leaving the firewall turned off though for obvious reasons. I tried allowing port 445 on the firewall but the mac still won't connect when the firewall is on. I am using the "cifs" protocol as the "smb" protocol wouldn't work at all. The firewall I am using is the one built in to F-Secure Internet Security 2005.

Anyone have any ideas?

  ade.h 21:12 18 May 2006

I haven't had to network with it - especially across mixed platforms - but when I had F-Secure IS '05 last year, I found the firewall to be a bit light on configuration options. I would not particularly want to network with it. You could try Kerio (free) which I find very usable for networks, or perhaps Outpost (premium) which is less user-friendly but even more tweekable. Outpost Lite is free, but less feature-rich. Kerio is very similar whether you pay for it or not; you just gain host protection and web content filtering.

  01chris 21:23 18 May 2006

thanks, i will look into kerio, the only thing is, as I have payed for it I would quite like to use F-secure IS, but if it means sacrificing my file sharing, I could make do without it.

  ade.h 21:27 18 May 2006

It's a decent product, but the firewall is not the best. The '06 version added a few more options.

Don't rule out F-Secure support; it's usually pretty good.

  01chris 22:16 18 May 2006

i just tried kerio with f secure disabled, still doesnt work. Plus I could only find a 30 day trial of it, not the free version.

I will look at f secure support tomorrow.

Thanks for the help anyway.

  ade.h 22:40 18 May 2006

What you have IS free.

It's early days though; it takes quite a while to learn your way around a new firewall. There's no guarantee that it will work, given the cross platform complication.

  mgmcc 00:25 19 May 2006

I use the free version of Zone Alarm in Windows XP and don't have any problems accessing it from either Mac OS X or SuSE Linux. The operating system shouldn't really make any difference because the firewall is configured to allow specific IP addreses or ranges to access and the computers are all using the common TCP/IP protocol.

  Forum Editor 07:53 20 May 2006

but for what it's worth my PowerMac happily networks with my other office machines, all of which are running the Windows XP firewall.

  01chris 11:02 20 May 2006

I have disabled the xp firewall as I think the f secure one is more secure. Thanks anyway

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