Connecting my Macbook to my LCD!

  welsh-dan 17:30 24 Oct 2008

I've got a macbook that I'd like to connect to my Philips LCD 32PF5321, however I'm having problems. I've been out to MAC and purchased a mini dvi to vga adapter but am now having real problems finding a cable that will accommodate the vga to LCD, as there doesn't seem to be a vga available on the LCD.
I'm stuck now and no one anywhere seems to be able to give me a straight answer! Is it possible, can I connect the mac to the LCD. If I can, how is it done? Please help!
In case you need the connections, please find below:
Connections for LCD Rear input connectors Component x 1, HDMI x 2, Audio (RCA) x 2, RF x 1, 21-pin SCART x 2. Front input connectors S-Video x 1, Composite x 1, Audio (RCA) x 1. Rear output connectors 21-pin SCART x 2. Headphone jack *Headphone Jack. Connections for macbook: Mac only offer the mini dvi to vga converter.
I've been to Maplin and bought a VGA male to VGA female in the hope my LCD has got VGA, but to no avail!

  grey george 21:40 24 Oct 2008

There is some info click here

You may find more help from a specific mac site rather than a pc helproom.

  ambra4 06:05 25 Oct 2008

Connect a Mac to an HDTV / LCD

click here

  welsh-dan 10:36 25 Oct 2008

Thanks for your help anyway but I think it's just a case of changing the port adaptor with Mac. After some research I found that Mac does support S-Video and offers a mini-dvi to Vid adaptor for £15! I was under the impression from speaking with the sales girl in the Mac store yesterday that mac only offered/supported a mini-dvi to vga for the macbook! It looks like a trip back to the store and an exchange is needed!

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