connecting 7 machines to 6 ports

  rbrtsmrvll6 11:51 04 Sep 2005

At the school where I work we have a LAN with 6 datapoints in the computer room. At the moment there is one PC or Mac connected to each datapoint. I would like to connect 7 machines, Macs or PCs, to these ports.

I have been told that I can buy a hub which would allow me to connect 2 PCs (or Macs) to one datapoint.

Is this true and, if so, where would I buy the hub and what is it called. I find hub details from the suppliers very hard to follow.

  AndySD 11:54 04 Sep 2005

I use click here

  DieSse 15:55 04 Sep 2005

Assuming we're talking about a standard Ethernet LAN.

Hubs (or Switches - which are faster) are ten-a-penny. You can walk into any computer shop and tell them you want a standard Ethernet 4 port-hub - and it'll cost peanuts. (Get a 4 port then you've got two spare! - and I'm not sure if you can get 2-port ones - you may even have to get a 6 or 8 port one - no matter). Many do auto-sensing on cable wiring too - so that it doesn't matter whether you use straight or crosss-over cables.

  interzone55 16:33 04 Sep 2005

Get a hub or switch like this one, click here , and connect it to one network port. Then you just have to connect the 7th PC and the one who's port has been nicked into the hub/switch.

An ethernet hub is a bit like a 4-way mains block or USB hub, in that it allows several devices to share one plug.

A switch is a bit more clever in that it remembers the addresses of computers connected to it, and therefore only sends data to the correct port, thus reducing traffic across the network.

  Strawballs 22:18 04 Sep 2005
  rbrtsmrvll6 20:26 05 Sep 2005

Thanks everybody.

I have gone for Alan14's suggestion since it seemed to be the cheapest. Of course, cheapest isn't always best or even the least costly but I'll let you all know if I have problems.

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