connect 2 machines via one BBmodem??how

  end 17:27 20 Aug 2004

please see this thread for the "original" problem

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what I now need to do is enable PC and lap-top to connect to the net via the one BB modem; it is NOT cable;

I want to be able to have both "permanently attached" to the modem so that I can switch from the one to the other if I need to, perhaps not having both running at the same time; at present I have to totally close and switch off whichever I am running to disconnect from the net and reconnect the other machine to go on line; both are internet enabled, both have BB installed, and both have been "run" on BB speed; (am using PC to do THIS at present) ;

??what do I need to "look for" on each machine to see if I need further equipment or installed present all I have are the two machines,and one BB cable and modem...

please see items posted in previous thread for what has been "suggested" to feels a bit excessive to me.......

maybe I will be proved wrong.... but .....

  VoG II 19:03 20 Aug 2004

Is this a wireless router? If so I'm not sure that you need the CAT cables. My router included the cable needed to connect it to the tower.

If not, I suggest that you think again and go for a wireless one. Then you will be able to use the laptop on the internet anywhere in the house.

  end 22:03 20 Aug 2004

at present I am "tied" (!!) to using the lap-top within a few feet of the tower because of the BB connection cables ;
so, if I CAN use it anywhere in the (small) house, would be great;

so, what then do I need to be "lookin for" on each computer to find if they have " got what it takes "to enable this;

??how do I find out if a wireless one is possible with the systems I have here?? and that MIGHT just free me up a bit for finding one more quickly....

sorry, but am "stabbing in the dark" here (computers are NOT my "field of expertise"!)

  Strawballs 23:12 20 Aug 2004

I am not quite sure what you have at the moment but the only wat to achieve what you are after that I can think of to use a router (whether it be wireless or not) the router acts as a mini server because it is connected to the modem then the 2 (or more) computers are connected to the router therfore removing the need for one of them to be switched on to use the other one.

  end 00:17 21 Aug 2004

what do I need to know from both main and lap-top to post for guidance on where to go from here, for ??wireless things, so that lap-top can "move about the house"...??pleaseee

  end 10:42 21 Aug 2004

the wireless system would be "uselful" but what to folks need to know about both machines to point me in the right direction for hopefully the next step;assuming of course that the lappy is "strong enough" to take the extra "work"...and installation of whatever.....

at least the thing is now connecting TO the internet :) and allowing me to get "protective " programs updated...

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