Comact Flash Cards

  seedie 12:42 06 Apr 2004

I've recently bought a 9 in 4 Media gear reader/writer and 128meg card to go with it.

Anyway it took me 1 and a half hours to get the thing installed and running (98SE)but seems hunky dory now.

I wondered if peeps have knowledge/experience of the stability and retentive properties of these devices; I'm think in terms of longish backup periods-say about a year?

Any thoughts?



  fsbb 12:59 06 Apr 2004

I installed card reader/writer originally on Win 98 - took 10 minutes. I now use Win XP and only use the reader/writer cards for transferring digital photo images.

I have read articles saying that such media is not recommended for long term backup storage!!

I backup to a 2nd hard drive and as a second backup CD.

Will be interesting to read others' experiences.

  justme 13:40 06 Apr 2004

Like fsbb, I backup to a 2nd hard drive with another backup onto cd. I would not like to trust valuable data to a compact flash card. Having said that, my data from my digital camera seems ok after quite a few months.

  seedie 14:58 06 Apr 2004

Thanks you two for replying- I'll let it stew for bit before ticking resolved.

Been play around with it ( new toy:))for an hour or so this afternoon using it as another HD. Works well, even defragged it.


  woodchip 15:17 06 Apr 2004

It should be OK in theory indefinite, providing you store away from heat and any magnet or Electrical Magnetic source

  woodchip 15:17 06 Apr 2004

Cool and Dry would be best

  seedie 18:59 06 Apr 2004


  zanwalk 19:20 06 Apr 2004

With any form of digital storage there is a certain amount of risk, and compact flash memory is no different in this respect. My advice is always to have at least two copies of any data you wish to keep, whether you store on CD, Hard Disk, Flash memory or any other form, and if the data is important make three copies and store in different locations.

In any case CF memory is fairly cheap these days, so buying another card or two shouldn't break the bank.

  QQAA 20:11 06 Apr 2004

can't be a poor medium of storage if it has this kind of specifications click here :

Data Retention Period: 10 Years

MTBF (Mean Time Bet Failures): 1 million power-on hours

Vibration Resistance: 15G

Operating Temperature: 0 to 70 degree celsius

  seedie 20:30 06 Apr 2004

Thanks for all your replies.

I'm going to do backups to another medium
as well as the CF, just to see how it goes.

Good luck,


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