Charging an iPad

  Angel 16:48 17 Sep 2011

I have just bought an iPad, but I cannot understand how to charge the battery. I have a Dock connector to USB cable and 10watt USB power adaptor. This has two prongs to plug into the power source, but I have never seen anything that it could be plugged into. It also has a USB outlet. It more or less fits into a shaver socket, but obviously that wouldn't work as the USB socket on the other side would presumably have to plug into my laptop. Help!

  Woolwell 17:37 17 Sep 2011

An ipad can only be charged through the adaptor it will not charge when connected to pc or laptop. You connect the usb end of the cable supplied into the side of the power socket adaptor. Are you sure that you haven't got an American two pin plug?

  Forum Editor 18:54 17 Sep 2011

The iPad adapter should consist of a lead with a USB connector at one end, and a special (wider) iPad connector at the other. The USB connector fits into a USB port in the white 3-pin mains plug that should have been supplied with the iPad.

  Forum Editor 18:56 17 Sep 2011


My apologies - I had multiple screens open, and I see you posted a similar before me.

  Angel 17:10 18 Sep 2011

My thanks to both of you for your response to charging my iPad. There is no 3-pin plug with the iPad, but I have a 3-pin plug which has two pins for a shaver which the cube-like adaptor will fit. I think this will work - I usually it for charging a toothbrush.

  rawprawn 17:21 18 Sep 2011

No, that will not work. The three pin plug which is supplied is a special one into which fits a USB adapter. If these were not supplied when you bought the iPad go back to the store and complain. They are an integral part of the iPad when you buy it.

  Woolwell 17:27 18 Sep 2011

I think that you have been sold an IPad for the USA market. UK ones should have come with a 3 pin adaptor. Actually a 2 to 3 pin plug adaptor may work but I go with rawprawn and suggest you return it.

  bremner 19:26 18 Sep 2011

An ipad can only be charged through the adaptor it will not charge when connected to pc or laptop

Not totally true.

My iPad charges perfectly well from the USB on my iMac. Most PC's and laptops simply do not have sufficient power at the USB ports to charge an iPad.

Some, even though it says "Not Charging, will trickle charge. Many more up to date desktops PC's will have the required power at USB and will charge.

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