Charge for MAC code? [PlusNet]

  Charence 17:36 02 Jun 2009

I thought a while ago (click here) that ISPs had to provide MAC codes without charging the customer?

Looking at my latest bank statement, I have been charged £20 by PlusNet after I migrated to O2. This cannot be right, does anyone have any advice?


  OTT_Buzzard 17:43 02 Jun 2009

I seem to remember that Plusnet changed their terms and conditions not so long ago to enable them to charge for a MAC code. Infuriating.

  spuds 19:23 02 Jun 2009

Contact Ofcom click here for more information.

  OTT_Buzzard 20:06 02 Jun 2009

There's some interesting info there, especially as it specifically states that there s no fee that allowed to be charged for a MAC.

I'm with plusnet myself and i remember a while back that they publshed some info implying that a MAC would be charged for, although this may only have been for accounts that were still in their minimum contract period.
Not suprisingly, i can't find a trace of it now on their website!

  Charence 20:13 02 Jun 2009

I'll try to contact Ofcom.

I was a PlusNet customer since 2005 and I confirmed that I was no longer bound by any contract period when I cancelled so the fee was a bit of a surprise.

  The Kestrel 21:38 02 Jun 2009

It is probably worth speaking to Plusnet first to try and resolve the issue before going to Ofcom, as they will probably ask if you have tried that route first.

  wjrt 21:40 02 Jun 2009

click here
if you scroll down almost to the bottom and there is the paragraph - ending the service - the £20 charge is for ending the service without requesting a mac code

  James-1357361 09:57 03 Jun 2009

Dear Charence,

I'm sorry sorry that you've been charged that amount for migrating to another supplier. That shouldn't have happened. If you would like to email me your username to jbailey at I'll happily check out your account and ensure that any erronomous charges are refunded.

OTT_Buzzard - We do not and never have charged for a MAC Code. If we did that, we would be violating the OFCOM code of practice. What I think that you might be referring to is that we charge for the cessation of a broadband service. This is because Openreach charge Wholesale who in turn charge us for the cancellation. This shouldn't happen for outbound migrations, which is why I need to check out Charence's account to ensure that this hasn't happened.

With regards,

James Bailey
Plusnet Comms Team

  Charence 11:27 03 Jun 2009

Thanks for following this up. I've sent a mail to you with some details.


  simonjary 12:50 03 Jun 2009

Well done Plusnet for responding so promptly and looking into the matter.

If more companies took such active participation with its customers and general public perception we'd have far less elongated problems on this forum.

Don't forget, BTW, to vote in our 2009 Broadband Survey:
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Publisher, PC Advisor

  James-1357361 13:29 03 Jun 2009

Dear Charence,

T%hanks for getting in touch with me via email and the subsequent attachment :)

I've spoken with our Finance Team and explained the situation and they'll be refunding the £20 charge as soon as they can.

Again, I'm very sorry that this happened in the first place.

Thanks again,

James Bailey
Plusnet Comms Team

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