Can´t turn on (on both - battery and charger)

  Kubajz Z 11:04 20 Mar 2017

Hello, I"l try to make it short . 2 years ago I spilled a beer into my Macbook. I hope that's not a reason of my nowadays problems because immediately after that I've turned my Macbook off turned it upside down and left on warm dry place for 3 (!!!) days. For about year now I have non original charger from with many good reviews. It was working just fine until about 2 weeks ago. Problems with charging, green light when battery was not full or same with orange light. Indicator next to clocks in Mac Os X says charging but sometimes no percentage increase. Here I first noticed that this indicator has two forms too. Whole white or transparent but for me difference was just charging or seems like charging with no percentage increasing and huge percentage drop after disconnecting.

First my big question: Does Macbook work with battery damaged only on adapter?

Yesterday my battery dropped this way down to 0%. Last three days I haven't achieved any charge just sometimes it worked as adapter without percentage drop. Only before it went down completely I've noticed that after clicking on my battery status there's a notice of failing battery needed to change. I forgot next possible reason of my problems. When charging problems started I've checked MagSafe slot on MacBook and big surprise - full of metal dust and mess. Last year I've used my laptop on roads for work and one time in one factory a lot of metal dust get to my backpack directly to laptop pocket by accident. I've cleaned it immedieately but was in rush so forgot to clean my laptop's magnetic slot. So I've cleaned it when problems started but again badly. To the metal - like you can see on this picture. click here second big question, could this make some sort of failing contact with inner parts of my Macbook?

Now I've isolated that part pretty good with tiny bits of ducktape to make it as before but still no charge. Battery must be damaged but what else?

PS: I don't have an option to try another adapter. Every friend has newer Mac with different cord. There's no near an Apple shop. Original adapter cable wearn off as many others based on reviews and these parts are very expensive for us in Czech Rep. So I'm not much for buying other failing expensive adapter.

Thank you very much for reading far down here :)))


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