Can your games machine continue to perform well?

  TOPCAT® 12:24 23 Feb 2003

Or is it time to upgrade your PC, again!!

'Underneath all the hustle and bustle of the standard computer world, behind the scenes of the usual AMD vs. Intel or Nvidia vs. ATI fights, and creeping up all-but-unnoticed on gamers everywhere, a revolution is coming. Your equipment may actually start to feel, dare we say it, dated again....'

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  two00lbwaster 12:51 23 Feb 2003

lol hi tc i just put that link in the thread about how long will there be demand for faster pc's

nice to have fresh look over the subject

  TOPCAT® 13:13 23 Feb 2003

I'll close this now.

  two00lbwaster 13:29 23 Feb 2003

do you play many game's yourself?

i do personally but my current machine's happily cope with counterstrike easily especially with my 17" monitor allowing a reasonable 800x600 resolution on my radeon 8500le and on my 19" monitor my radeon 9500 128mb (running as a 9700 with the soft mod) running my display at a comfortable 1024x768 the fps is virtually constant at 99fps on both machines. ive tried other games but none have come close to the gameplay involed with counterstrike so im sticking with that for the mean time version 1.6 is out at some point in the future

  TOPCAT® 15:28 23 Feb 2003

Combat flight sims are my forte and only played occasionally these days. Just done a gruelling seven long days installing land drains, infilling and levelling an area and laying a large concrete slab ready for the grandkids' new summerhouse. Too tired for gaming right now after all that!!

Alas, I have still more to do in and around the home, but when the workload eases it will be 'angels high' again once more. Can't wait!! :))

I run the older sims at the moment because I will certainly need an upgraded, or new, computer to handle the latest games on the market. Things are looking good from 'er indoors' on that score!! :)) TC.

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