can a ipaddress say what door number u r living at

  Mit123 18:34 04 Sep 2006

can an ipadress say what actuall door number and road name u r living at???

  rodriguez 18:36 04 Sep 2006

Nope. Only your Internet provider and nearest big town. So if you looked mine up it would just say BT and Birmingham. If people want your house address they have to ask your Internet provider and they will never give it out without good reason.

  Mit123 18:39 04 Sep 2006

oh ok, then how come u get websites warning u that if u do anything angaist the website law it knows your ipadress and can do something about it then it has your ipadress in bold???

  STREETWORK 18:39 04 Sep 2006

If only it could we could go around all them spammers and sort them out....

  Mit123 18:40 04 Sep 2006


  rodriguez 18:42 04 Sep 2006

They just say that to scare you as a lot of people think that an IP address can reveal your home address. The most they could do is report you to your Internet provider if you did anything against their "laws" and to be honest you're Internet provider wouldn't give a toss over something this minor. The other thing they could do is block your IP address to stop you going back on the site, but if you want to change your IP, just disconnect your modem or router and reconnect.

  ACOLYTE 18:44 04 Sep 2006

I dont know about a specific number,you may be able to narrow it down to a city/town or even street but i dont know if you could get the actual number of a house from an ip adress.
the police might be able to through your ISP,but if you arent doing anything illegal why would they wont to lol.

There is a whois search for Ip adresses click here but i doubt it would get you a house number,in fact it may get you nothing at all.

  Mit123 18:45 04 Sep 2006

oh thanks , do u no how to block an ip adress?
would there be any actual harm to me or computer if my ip adress was revealed?

  rodriguez 18:50 04 Sep 2006

Only if a hacker got hold of it. They could use your IP address to access your computer and do a bit of damage, but this is unlikely as 1. they have to find it out first, 2. they have to get past your firewall and 3. you probably don't have anything that would interest them anyway. Most people just go in after bank details and stuff so if ya haven't got any of that they won't do much harm.

  Mit123 18:52 04 Sep 2006

ok thanks , is there any advantages of NOT having a ip adress block ??

  rodriguez 18:53 04 Sep 2006

It doesn't really matter if you do or not. Why do you need to block one anyway? Are you trying to stop someone getting in?

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