Can I run my fax machine on a broadband line

  wiz-king 08:06 06 Sep 2008

It would be handy to run my fax machine on a broadband line while I am doing some office refurbishment for the next few weeks. Other than having to tell people the new number will it work or will the microfilters degrade the fax signal too much?

  Forum Editor 08:12 06 Sep 2008

on the fax machine.

  Furkin 10:07 06 Sep 2008

I asked this question some weeks ago,,,, the answer was NO. I think because The fax machine will be - i assume - analogue,,,,, and the B.B line is digital.
Good Luck

  €dstowe 10:12 06 Sep 2008

I have my home FAX machine running quite successfully on a line that also has my broadband connected to it.

Provided the filtering is effective (remember it is the analogue part of the signal that needs the filter) it should be OK.

My FAX machine (HP Officejet) was, in fact, supplied with its own filter.

  ambra4 10:34 06 Sep 2008


A fax machine just use a normal phone line to transmit copies of documents it has nothing

to do with the broadband signal it come just like making a normal phone call

At the sending end, it encodes white and black spots that the fax machine sees on the paper and

transfers it to the receiving end.

At the receiving end it is decoded, reassembled into the scanned lines of the original document and

then printed.

  DieSse 12:07 06 Sep 2008

"...and the B.B line is digital."

Broadband lines are normally analogue. Only RDSI lines are digital.

There is really no such thing as a BB line - it's a regular phone line with BB implemented on it.

That's why there are microfilters - to stop the regular phone signals and BB signals from interfering with each other.

So (as already has been stated), you have a normal analogue line (probable), all you need to run a fax on it is a microfilter.

If by any chance you do have a real digital line (RDSI) then you need to connect your fax into the telephone sockets which are provided - or consult BT.

  DieSse 12:10 06 Sep 2008

Sorry - RDSI is what they call them here in Spain - a digital line is English is an ISDN line.

  tullie 12:18 06 Sep 2008

Mine is running with a double adapter,one for phone,the other fax,then plugged into phone side of microfilter

  Furkin 15:46 06 Sep 2008

sorry chaps,,,, I thought that wiz-king wanted to use a fax machine on his dedicated BB system.

Of course there are thousands of us that use a fax maxhine via said filters etc, like a phone supply.

Apologies if I mis-lead anyone.

  DieSse 18:02 06 Sep 2008

"...use a fax machine on his dedicated BB system"

That's a slight misunderstanding; in the interests of total clarity:-

Assuming a standard ADSL line - it's not "like a phone supply" - it IS a phone supply.

Both services are provided over it - it's never dedicated to BB (though if you want you may only use it for BB - the normal phone service is still there though.)

And both 'phone and BB are analogue. The filters are frequency filters, to separate out the two signals, and to stop them interfering with each other.

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