Can I put this drive into a machine.

  ventanas 16:03 11 Feb 2004

Got an unused hard drive. It was swapped out for a bigger one. (The machine has a small case and will only take one drive). I would like to use this drive (20Gb) on another machine, but it still has XP pro and other programs on it.

If I install it to another machine that already has XP Pro, to use as a slave am I likely to get a confused PC when I boot it up. There will be two bootable drives etc...

Thanks for any help.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:08 11 Feb 2004

When you put it into the other machine, boot with a floppy or a CD and format it first. That way there will be no problem with misunderstandings.

  jimv7 16:10 11 Feb 2004

Remove the ide cable and power cable from your cd/cdrw, connect your 2nd hard drive to it, start the computer and once in windows, right click on your 2nd drive after windows has found it, and click format.

  ventanas 16:40 11 Feb 2004

I have got an old Win98 machine that I plan to scrap. No way will it run XP, but if I put this drive in it in place of the one it already has. Boot with a floppy and type format c:

Then transfer it to the XP machine and set it up in Disc Management.

  jimv7 16:45 11 Feb 2004

If you do as I have suggested your computer will boot from default 'C' drive, the old drive will be installed as 'D' drive, when xp has installed the drive right click on it and format.

  R4 16:46 11 Feb 2004

You could do it that way if your xp expects to see Fat32 format. or yo could use one of the manifactures Disk utlities to return the HDD to 'Factory Setting'. ie cleaned and ready to format on your XP

  ventanas 16:49 11 Feb 2004

Just had another thought, with the jumper set to slave, and connected to the slave cable, will it cause a conflict anyway.

All I need to do is get the machine going and get into disc management.

  ventanas 16:50 11 Feb 2004

Thanks for the help so far.

  Diemmess 17:31 11 Feb 2004

Temporarily disconnect the HD in the second computer and connect the "spare HD"

Now as Diodorus Siculus suggested boot from a floppy or CD and format the "only HD"

Once you have done this you can reconnect everything and use the cleaned HD without going through disk management.

  Pamy 20:54 11 Feb 2004

to go back to your first question, just change the jumper to slave and bung it in no problem. Xp and all other progs will be there but XP will not boot up on this drive Now do what ever you want with it.


  ventanas 21:27 11 Feb 2004

Sorry for the confusion. I was having a bad afternoon, and not thinking straight.

I think I've worked it out now. My suggestion of using the pc I am scrapping will not work. This drive is, and needs to be, ntfs.

I can see what jimv7 means, install it as a secondary slave, and then format it in disc management. I think if It goes in as a primary slave it will still try to boot.

I will therefore go with Diemmess's suggestion, but the pc it will eventually go in is too important to risk. From Monday I will have a spare XP machine so will use that as the "guinea pig."

Thanks for all your suggestions.

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