Can I export MS Access Tables to MAC Filemaker??

  BirinciMurat 17:04 30 Apr 2004

I need to export/move/copy three tables from a
MS Office Access database electrically.. ie. not
by snail mail.. to a MAC user who wants to
incorporate the data (a mix of text, dates etc)
into a program called Filemaker.. The tables
have fields such as Name, Address, Tel No. DOB,
etc etc...
Have tried exporting tables (via Outlook e-mail) as comma separated .txt files.. Filemaker couldnt pick the tables up.. Tried exporting tables as flat "rtf" files.. this didnt work either.. Tried doing the same thing only this
time using the "txt" and "rtf" files as
attachments to the email.. This didnt work..
Can anyone help?? with poss some lateral thinking.
Maybe I shouldnt try to go "there" from "here"??

  johnnyrocker 17:08 30 Apr 2004

any possibility of creating a hyperlink to it? just a thought.


  BirinciMurat 17:15 30 Apr 2004

Thanks for ur prompt reply.. I'm not technically
savvy enough to know whether it would work or not.
I don't think so, tho.. What I'm hoping for is
something that will allow the other end to cut
and paste the data from my email into his Filemaker.. yet retain the db format (sort of)

  johnnyrocker 17:18 30 Apr 2004

file/send to then either mail the page or a link to it.


  Taran 18:00 30 Apr 2004

Which version of Access and which version of Filemaker ?

It can make a difference since version 7 of Filemaker for Windows can directly import from Access while other versions on other platforms need a little jiggery pokery to get things running properly with ODBC trickery going on.

The stumbling block here is the fact that you want to export to Filemaker on a Mac and without knowing the versions of either product I could spend ages explaining one possible method only to have it all go wrong.

A couple of possible easy steps spring to mind that you could try.

If your Mac user has MS Office X or MS Office 2004 for the Mac installed, you can export your database tables as Excel workbooks and open them in Office on the Mac. You can easily run an import from Excel into Filemaker 7 on the Mac, but ot so easily from earlier versions. CSV and plain text files should work and I'm not sure why they aren't working for you. I've done comma delimted imports to Filemaker on a Mac in the past, so I've no clue why your attempts aren't working.

I have version 6 of Filemaker Pro running on a couple of Windows machines. If your data is not sensitive and you don't mind emailing it, I don't mind transposing it into a Filemaker database for you, since ODBC import from Access to Filemaker is drop dead easy on a Windows system. I'm afraid that I don't have Filemaker currently running on any of my Macs though.

If you get stuck email me (click the envelope icon next to my name) and we can take things from there.

It would help to know which product versions are involved and what exactly is going wrong with the transfer.

  BirinciMurat 23:53 30 Apr 2004

Many thanks for helpful reply.. With regard to
versions of software.. My Access is from an
Office 2000 Pro package which I bought in the
US in (2000 actually).. I'll have to check with
my correspondent and find out about his version
of Filemaker.. and MAC OS too, I guess.. The
data is a bit on the sensitive side and I'd be
upsetting third parties if I passed it on to
others.. more embarrassing than anything...
I do assure you, though, that there's nothing
illegal.. Can I get back to you as soon as I
find out what the other fellow has.. Thanks in

  johnnyrocker 23:57 30 Apr 2004

i get a feeling that this post is not correct fe. as why would someone wanting to transmit 'sensitive' info over the net require public /worldwide help?


  Taran 00:24 01 May 2004

I totally understand that you would rather not release the database and its contents.

If you can confirm which version of Filemaker and which version of the Mac OS your counterpart is running I'll see if I can walk you through something workable.

  johnnyrocker 00:32 01 May 2004

request printed previously hence my last posting.


  BirinciMurat 18:00 01 May 2004

Johnnyrocker.. The list contains the names and
addresses of a football supporters club and I
take strong exception to your implication that
it is anything other.. My reason for wanting
to transfer the files is my business.. If they
were truly illegal/sensitive then I would have encrypted them.. End of story!!!

Taran: The recipient system is MAC system X
and the Filemaker version is version 5, soon
to be upgraded to 7.. Pay no attention to the
ill-informed comments above...

  johnnyrocker 19:13 01 May 2004

i never mentioned 'illegal' at all i used your word 'sensitive' and in these days and time can just about cover everything that is going on.


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