morddwyd 10:46 23 Mar 2014

My broadband speed is now down to less than 1 meg, rather than the promised 16, so has anybody got a rely able e-mail address to obtain a MAC from BT?

Can't use the phone, Royal Mail takes 10 days and every time I try their website I get caught up in an endless loop,

I need an address I can actually type into my client, rather than a link, which simply sends me back into the loop.

  onthelimit1 11:48 23 Mar 2014

Do you really need to change? If your speed is that low, there's probably something wrong on the line or in the exchange. Last week I helped a neighbour whose download speed was down to 0.18 (yes, really). In a rural area, but should get around 2.5. I spoke to India (got through in 2mins). Very pleasant man answered (good English) and accepted that there was something amiss. Openreach arrived 4 days later (after 3 appointments that they didn't arrive for) and after a couple of hours work found a problem with a joint on one of the poles. Speed now around the 3Meg mark.

  Jollyjohn 13:15 23 Mar 2014

Run a check on a new provider website and see what the expected speed would be. Hassle BT about poor line speed but first run a the speed test on the BT site and note the results, for three days, at least. Try the same test with only a router connected to your master BT skt and this will eliminate any problems within your internal wiring.

Any new provider will use the same physical copper wires to connect to your property so any line issues will still be there if you change provider.

And finally, why can you not obtain a MAC by phone?

  morddwyd 20:19 23 Mar 2014

Thank you. I've done all the usual - line checks, comparison checks, ADSL filter checks etc.

The problem is not sudden, it's been gradual over the life of the contract, started off, a year ago, at around 8 meg and has gradually got worse and worse. I also have to reset the router two or three times a week because of drop-out.

Listening to the radio is very difficult, and video is impossible.

And finally, the reason I cannot get a MAC by phone is disability, not that I think that is anyone's business but mine.

  rdave13 20:48 23 Mar 2014

You will need to check this out first but have a look at this. It looks genuine enough. No problem with the site just a slight distraction to left and right. Worth sending an email with your troubles I think. It's the best I can do. Good luck.

  rdave13 21:01 23 Mar 2014

Seems the site is up for sale but this gives a good history of it, Domaintools.

  Jollyjohn 08:21 24 Mar 2014

OK, I appreciate the reason for not using phone. I asked because when you select the option for a cancellation you get fastracked to a person who has another go at sorting out any issues before you leave.

From your reply I still think there is a line fault, the speed has decreased to the highest stable speed the line can support. Each time it drops out and you reboot the router, the speed will drop a little more.

Changing provider is not going to fix this however if you decide to move, I can recommend Plusnet, a Sheffield based company.

  spuds 09:51 24 Mar 2014

If its that bad and the problems are not being resolved, then perhaps get directly in touch the the CEO of BT. I have used this method on a number of occasions with very satisfactory and prompt results.

To find the BT CEO direct email details click here

  morddwyd 10:12 24 Mar 2014

Tanks for the further responses.

I am not particularly bothered about sorting the problems with BT out, I can do that at the annual shareholders' meeting!

I have already chosen another provider, I already have a Sky account, and they are offering a reasonable deal.

I just need a MAC. I know Sky will get one for me anyway, but I find that asking for a MAC is the best way of concentrating a provider;s mind, and the best way of finding what offers will be put on the table.

Thanks also for the advice on the CEO. He and I are old friends, or at least correspondents!

  john bunyan 10:31 24 Mar 2014


I assume that your contract with BT is a rolling monthly one (as mine is with TalkTalk). Some who have signed up for , say, an 18 month contract, find that the supplier seeks to charge a cancellation fee equal to the balance of the contract. If I were to switch I would go to Zen , a UK company that offers one month rolling contracts. I have a great dislike for long contracts of any sort.

  spuds 10:48 24 Mar 2014

john bunyan

I once took this up with Trading Standards about long term contracts, and they informed me that there was a let-out, if you can prove the service being provided is "not fit for purpose".

You like me are with TalkTalk on a rolling contract, and I for one will remain so, no matter how much their sales try to get me involved in a new special offer contract. I think that they have now got the message, because their sales haven't bothered to contact me of late. But be warned, there is a price rise pending shortly, and with that will come a change of previous incentives for new and possibly old customer's!.

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